Ongoing evaluation versus cramming for exams
Ongoing, project-based evaluation versus exam-driven theory:
an entirely new learning experience

“It has been great to experience this new system of education. UFV has transformed me from a shy, introverted girl into a confident person. This very hands-on course gives insight into the real business world through projects, assignments, and case studies. Assessment of my performance on a day-to-day basis, rather than just on final exams, has relieved me of my tensions and made me a hard worker.” 
— SSONAM DUTTA, UFV 4th year student, from Shimla. Winner of the 2009 Scholarship for Continued Academic Excellence, in the amount of Rs. 25,000

At UFV, education is far more than attending lectures, cramming, and memorizing textbook information only to pass exams. You will be evaluated on an ongoing basis, working in small groups on weekly assignments, presentations, and minor and major projects, so that a consistent and fair assessment of your progress is possible. Final examinations are responsible for no more than between 20 and 40 per cent of your entire grade; the balance of your marks is obtained through your day to day activity, both in and out of the classroom.

Your Canadian education will also focus on developing practical management skills, like teamwork, leadership, time management, organization, communication, presentation skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic analysis. Employers worldwide tell us these are the skills of a successful manager.

Unlike your counterparts in other degree programs, you won’t have to cram, because you will already possess a deep understanding of the material through your project work.

Faculty measures success by your attendance (which, by the way, is mandatory), participation, growth, and contribution in the classroom, along with feedback from peers and industry. You will be excited to attend classes, and will discover the vast rewards of watching your own confidence and talent soar. 

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