UFV Academic Calendar Winter/Summer 2015

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Academic Calendar Winter/Summer 2015

The Fall 2015 calendar is now available here.

Plan your university studies

The UFV academic calendar is your official source for comprehensive information about courses and programs offered at the University of the Fraser Valley.

The calendar is an indispensable tool to help you succeed as you plan your academic studies at UFV.
It lists more than 100 university programs and 600 classes to help you learn, grow, and prepare for the workplace or graduate studies.

Many of our programs “ladder” into one another, allowing you to keep your options open by earning a one-year certificate or a two-year diploma on the way to completing a full degree. Or you can begin your studies in a university preparation program, such as our Upgrading and University Preparation or English as Second Language programs, and transfer into a career or technical program once you meet university entrance requirements.

Explore your options

Program listings include admissions requirements, application dates and procedures, and program outlines and graduation requirements. All programs are included in the Program index.

The calendar also includes course descriptions for each course offered at UFV, as well as full course outlines, including learning outcomes, reference materials, evaluation methods and more. To see when courses are offered, please consult the UFV timetables.

Other important information provided in the calendar includes fees and other costs; regulations, grading, and policies; semester dates; registration; and transfer credit information.

If you have questions or are not sure of the best path to follow, do not hesitate to book an appointment with an advisor.

Future semesters

For a list of changes to course prerequisites and program entrance requirements that are becoming more restrictive, please see the notice of increased requirements section of the calendar.