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For students and/or researchers interested in South Asia related courses or for those who are registered in any courses, please visit the South Asia History Bibliography database for further resource and research materials. 


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For industry related research databases based on research undertaken by the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Business and Economic Development, click industry databases or industry resources.


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Abbotsford Buiding Connections Final Report, published by the City of Abbotsford in Partnership with the Centre for Indo Canadian Studies

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ABC Report Cover


Jauhal, Pritam Singh and Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra. "A Soldier Remembers." Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies, University of the Fraser Valley,  2013. 


(2013) The Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies contributed articles in "Pioneer Stories," a book published by the MSA Museum Society. For more information on the book, please visit the MSA Museum Site


Bains, Satwinder (2012). "Feminist Critique of Socio-Religious Discourse." Understanding Sikhism the Research Journal. http://www.iuscanada.com/journal/archives/2012/j1412p27.pdf


Sandhra, Sharanjit (2012). "Guru Nanak and Maharaja Ranjit Singh-The Unlikely Connection." Understanding Sikhism the Research Journal. http://www.iuscanada.com/journal/archives/2012/j1412p47.pdf 


Dandurand, Y. (2010). "Protecting Witnesses and Collaborators of Justice in Terrorism Cases," in Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182, Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy Final Report - Research Studies - Volume 3 -Terrorism Prosecutions, Ottawa: Government of Canada Publications, pp. 17-80.


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Addison M, Bains S, Cheema J, Goudriaan D, Jarvis P, Koehn S (Aug 2011)- "Just Scratching the Surface"; Mental Health Promotion fo Punjabi Seniors (Forums). Report on findings of 2 forums held to explore the extent to which community services targeted at Punjabi seniors address the social determinants of mental health as identified by Keleher and Armstrong (2005)

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CICS Presents Exhibition at the Sikh Heritage Museum: Canadian Sikh Soldiers, January 18th

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