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For industry related research databases based on the research undertaken by the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Business and Economic Development, click industry databases or industry resources.

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Current Course Offerings



ANTH 303        4 credits Ethnography of a Selected Area : South Asia Prerequisite(s): 45 credits, to include ANTH 102 and at least three additional credits of anthropology. This course is a study of the ethnographic and theoretical problems in one area. Different cultures or regions may be selected each term.


HIST 465         4 credits British India Prerequisite(s): HIST 264, six additional credits of lower-level history, and one 300-level history course. This course will explore the rise of the British presence in India and the emergence of a distinct Anglo-Indian society from the 18th century to Indian independence. The impact of Anglo-British society on Britain as well as India will be considered. Issues such as imperialism, racism, gender, and class in the context of a hybrid colonial–metropolitan society will receive special consideration.


PUNJ 102        3 credits Introduction to Punjabi II Prerequisite(s): PUNJ 101 or instructor's permission Students will continue to build on basic reading and writing skills learned in PUNJ 101 as well as improve their oral and listening skills while exploring the Punjabi and Indian cultures. Note: Any student with Grade 12 Punjabi or equivalent is not permitted to register in this introductory course without instructor's permission. This course is not suitable for students with fluency in spoken Punjabi


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