Faculty Associates of the Centre

Those faculty who teach in the Canada India Studies Program are appointed to the CICS by the Director as Faculty Associates. Their participation in joint research activities and in collaborative work supports the CICS research mandate.

Satwinder Kaur Bains
Dr. Nilufer E. Bharucha
Adrienne Chan
Rajnish Dhawan
Garry Fehr
Dr. B.S Ghuman
Mary-Anne MacDougall 
David Milobar 
Nicola Mooney
Prabhjot Parmar
Terah Sportel

Senior Associate Emeritus
Susan Fisher

Yvon Dandurand


CICS funded research to be undertaken by Faculty Associates of the Centre in 2015-2016 academic year

Nicola Mooney (2015)

Land and Identity among Diasporic Jat Sikh Youth

Although members of a Punjabi caste community of peasants, farmers, and landlords, Jat Sikhs increasingly live urban and diasporic lives in India and abroad. One of the curious contours of diasporic Jat Sikh identity is an uninterrupted – and highly constructed - connection to land, as viewed in continuous land ownership, maintenance of relationships with village kin, routine and ritual visits to village homes, and the nostalgic celebration and commemoration of Punjabi landscapes in a rural imaginary (Mooney 2011). As well, the importance of maintaining such multidimensional relationships to land as an integral part of being Jat Sikh is articulated and developed in folklore and popular culture. Many Canadian Jat Sikh families continue to own agricultural land in India, and are expected to transmit land ownership via transnational patrilineages to sons who may have been born in Canada, have never farmed in India, and do not expect to ever live or farm there. This concentration of land tenure in expatriate communities has obvious repercussions for regional development, as well as for ideas about selfhood, subjectivity, and sovereignty among Jat Sikhs. This project will explore the meanings of land and the ongoing relationships with and ownership of it among diaspora Jat Sikh youth. Data will be collected via surveys and focus group interviews among male and female Jat Sikh youth, and will further illuminate my ongoing work on my draft early-stage manuscript on land and the meanings of rurality among Jat Sikhs. 

Garry Fehr (2015)

Diversifying the Agri-Food Economy in Punjab

Conducted in partnership with Prof. Kaur and Prof. Ghuman from Panjab University, Chandigarh, the purpose of this research is to identify opportunities for Canadian agribusiness to expand operations in Punjab, India. To achieve this, the research has been designed in four phases with coordinated objectives.
Objective 1 – To document the factors that are motivating Punjab State and the Central Government’s attempts to re-structure Punjab’s agricultural sector and encourage food processing. This will require the identification of the environmental, economic and policy factors contributing to declining yields and increasing vulnerability of the agriculture sector.
Objective 2 - To identify the structural factors which are constraining farmers and business from participating in the transition from staples (rice and wheat) production to a more diversified agri-food economy.
Objective 3 - To have farmers’ and business explain their reasons for resisting diversification and unwillingness to invest in food processing and added value activities.
Objective 4 - To identify current food processing policy and formulate options that will encourage agricultural diversification and opportunities for Canadian investors to partner with Indian business to establish food processing businesses in Punjab, India.
Terah Sportel

Satwinder_250x300.jpgSatwinder Kaur Bains

Senior Associate  

Email: Satwinder.Bains@ufv.ca

Professional designation/degrees: PhD(Candidate), M.Ed. B.A.

Faculty/Department: Social, Cultural and Media Studies

Director: Centre for Indo Canadian Studies; University Advisor Canada-India Relations

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Nilufer-142.jpgDr. Nilufer E. Bharucha

Senior Faculty Associate

Email: indocanadiansc@gmail.com

Professional Designation/Degrees:B.A. (Hons.) in English Literature, University of Bombay, Bombay; M.A. in English Literature, University of Bombay, Bombay; Diploma in Higher Education, University of Mumbai; M.Ed.(Teaching English Overseas), University of Manchester, Manchester; Ph.D., University of MumbaiFaculty/Department: Professor, Department of English, University of Mumbai; Honourary Director of CASII (Centre for Advanced Studies in India); Honourary Coordinator of the ICSC (Indo-Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Mumbai

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Dr. Adrienne Chan

Faculty Associate

Associate Vice-President, Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies

Email: Adrienne.Chan@ufv.ca

Professional designation/degrees: BA, MSW, PhD, RSW

Faculty/Department: Associate Vice-President, Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies

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Yvon_250x300.jpgYvon Dandurand

‌Faculty Advisor

Email: yvon.dandurand@ufv.ca 

Professional Designation/degrees: Criminologist

Faculty/Department: Criminology

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Rajnish Dhawan

‌Senior Faculty Associate

Email: Rajnish.dhawan@ufv.ca

Professional Designation/degrees: Ph. D. (India), MA

Faculty/Department: English

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Garry-142.jpgDr. Garry Fehr‌

Senior Faculty Associate

Email: Garry.Fehr@ufv.ca

Professional designation/degrees: PhD University of Guelph

Faculty/Department: Geography

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Susan_250x300.jpgDr. Susan Fisher‌

Faculty Associate Emeritus

Email: Susan.Fisher@ufv.ca

Professional designation/degrees: PhD  Comparative Literature, University of British Columbia, 1997

Faculty/Department: English

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BS-Ghuman-142.jpgDr. B.S Ghuman

Faculty Associate

Email: ghumanbs@pu.ac.in

Professional Designation/Degrees: M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D in Economics. Professor at the Department of Public Administration, Prof. Ghuman has served as Dean, Faculty of Arts, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Faculty/Department: Public Administration, Panjab University, Chandigarh

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Mary-Anne MacDougall

Faculty Associate

Email: MaryAnne.MacDougall@ufv.ca

Professional Designation/Degrees: MLS, University of British Columbia, 1994
BA (History & Women's Studies), Simon Fraser University, 1992

Faculty/Department: Library

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David-142.jpgDr. David Milobar

Faculty Associate

Email: david.milobar@ufv.ca

Professional designation/degrees: BA, MA, PhD

Faculty/Department: History

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Nicola-142.jpgDr. Nicola Mooney

Senior Faculty Associate

Email: Nicola.Mooney@ufv.ca

Professional designation/degrees: B.A. (Hons), M. M. St., Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

Faculty/Department: Arts/Social, Cultural and Media Studies

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Prabhjot-142.jpgDr. Prabhjot Parmar  

Faculty Associate

Email: prabhjot.parmar@ufv.ca

Professional Designation: PhD University Of Western Ontario

Faculty: English

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‌Terah Sportel

Faculty Associate

Email: Terah.Sportel@ufv.ca

Professional Designation/Degree: 

Faculty/Department: Geography


2014-2015 Biennial Report    

2014-2015 Biennial Report    
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