CIS 440 Project - Project Deliverables

This webpage provides an overview of the required project deliverables for the duration of a CIS 440 project. The following is a list of what is expected for deliverables. All of it may not be applicable to your project. Clarify with your advisor what will be applicable for your specific project. Submit using APA on one hard copy of project including:

1. Coverpage
2. Table of Content
3. Project proposal
4. Progress reports
5. Description of the project
6. WBS
7. UML diagrams including:
           use cases
           database design
           any other you have used
8 Code
9 User manual
10 Lessons learned

If you would like to see an example of the deliverables contact the 440 coordinator.

Project Plan:

A detailed project plan must be delivered as part of the first status report. The plan must describe the work in detail and must provide a work breakdown structure for the project. The work breakdown structure describes each major task that will be performed, the expected start and finish times, and the deliverable that will be produced by the finish time for that task. Each task must be a reasonable length (about 10-20 hours). The plan must include a Gantt chart for these tasks.

Progress Reports:

Progress reports summarize the progress that is being made on the project and indicate if that progress is deviating from the plan. Their content is described in more detail in the Progress Report Description document. Progress reports are due every 2 weeks.

Task Deliverables:

These deliverables may vary from one project to another but they must be described in the project plan. A copy of each task deliverable must be submitted with the first progress report that follows the completion of the task.

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