The CIS Team  

It takes the combined effort of many people to keep the CIS department running smoothly...

Our Department Head

Our Department Head provides the guidance, leadership, direction, and support for the many ongoing initiatives within the CIS department.  

The Faculty

Of course there are the faculty that provide the course development and the instruction for the many courses that we offer.
Our Staff

Our key staff members are our Department Assistant (Nipuni Jayetileke) and our Systems Administrator (Sergey Skobkarev).  Throughout your studies with us, they are the people that you will likely come in contact with the most.  Both are always willing to help, and the work they do is invaluable.

Academic Advising

Advising for the Computer Infoirmation Systems programs are supported through the UFV Advising Centre on the 3rd Floor of the new Student Union Building (Building S) between the Envision Gym and Building D on the Abbotsford campus. You can make an appointment or find out more information on their website:

Working Students (Work Study & Lab Monitors)

There are many special projects that wouldn't get done without assistance from our students under our work study program (this website is an example). 

As well, there is always a group of hardworking students that take on various jobs as Lab Monitors in our classes.

Our Program Advisory Committee

Our Program Advisory Committee are volunteers from our industry that provide us with advice related to trends and directions in the world of Information Technology.  We use this advice toward determining priorities and directions for our program and course development.

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