Conditional Acceptance

Didn't meet all the entrance requirements for the CIS degree?

We have a path for you! Students who do not have the program entrance requirements (e.g. have obtained a C in Math 11) may still be able to gain admission to UFV and make progress in courses used in a CIS program while obtaining the missing requirements.

If you are lacking significant entrance requirements you can register at UFV as a CIS Studies student within our program paths.  In this program, you may do developmental work towards obtaining entrance requirements, and may also be able to register for some courses that will be used towards a CIS program.  Students in the CIS Studies program are not yet in the CIS program, and will not have access to seats reserved for CIS students. 

Conditional Acceptance

Students with a minor lack of requirements may be admitted conditionally to a CIS program, depending on their qualifications and available space. Such students will have to meet specified conditions to stay in the program.  If conditions are not met during the specified time period (normally one or two semesters), you will be removed from the program, and may reapply when entrance conditions have been met.  During the time you are conditionally admitted, you will have access to course seats reserved for CIS students.  Conditional acceptance to the program does not override individual course prerequisites.

Students who fail to meet entrance requirements, and who would like to enter UFV while meeting entrance requirements, should consult with the CIS department head or the program advisor.

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