Fall 2013
This is a tentative timetable and subject to change.
CMNS 125: Introduction to Workplace Communication
  Raymond Welch M, 1000-1250, AB1
  Pat Murray  T, 1130-1420, AB2
  Marcella LaFever T, 1900-2150, AB3
  Ashton Howley W, 1130-1420, AB4
  Linda Howell W, 1730-2020, AB5
  Raymond Welch R, 0830-1120, AB6
  Linda Howell R, 1000-1250, AB7
  Doug Smith M, 1130-1420, CH1
  Doug Smith T, 1000-1250, CH2
  David Thomson R, 1300-1550. MI1
  John Vigna Online, ON1
  John Vigna Online, ON2
  John Vigna Online, ON3
CMNS 155: Intro to Workplace & Academic Communication
  Michelle Reidlinger M, 1130-1420, AB1
  Tom Cochran T, 1430-1720, AB2
  Linda Howell  F, 1000-1250, AB3
  Shoaib Nasir R, 1300-1550, CH1
  Marcella LaFever Online, ON1

CMNS 180: Introduction to Intercultural Communications

  Marcella LaFever W, 1730-2020, AB1
CMNS 235: Oral Communications
  Ashton Howley W, 1830-2120, AB1
  Sam Schechter T, 1000-1250, AB2
  Linda Pardy M, 1730-2020, AB3
  Sam Schechter M, 1730-2020, CH1
CMNS 251: Professional Report Writing
  Samantha Pattridge M, 1000-1120, AB1
  Lynn Kirkland Harvey W, 1430-1720, AB2
  Lynn Kirkland Harvey T, 1130-1420, AB3
  Shoaib Nasir T, 1730-2020, AB4
  Ashton Howley W, 0830-1120, AB5
  Michelle Reidlinger T, 1345-1640, AB6
  Sam Schechter M, 1300-1550, CH1
  Ashton Howley R, 1300-1550, CH2
  Linda Pardy Online, ON1
  David Thomson Online, ON2

GEOG/CMNS 257: Environment: Science and Communications

  Cancelled T, 1345-1640, AB1

CMNS/JRNL 300: Introduction to the practice of Journalism

  John Vigna R, 1730-2020, AB1
CMNS 312: Introduction to Public and Community Relations
   Janice Lee M, 1730-2020, AB1

 CMNS 340: Storytelling for Workplace Application

CMNS/ADED 345: Instructional Skills for the Workplace
  Linda Pardy T, 1815-2150, AB1
CMNS 360: Advocacy Writing
  Michelle Riedlinger Online, ON1
CMNS 375: Understanding Design for Print Publications 
  David Thomson W, 1730-2020, AB1
 CMNS 385: Language and Action: Seminar in Contemporary Rhetoric
  Raymond Welch T, 1130-1420, AB1
CSM 104: Integrated Academic Learning Skills
 Lara Jongedijk

F, 1300-1550, AB1
F, 0830-1120, AB2
R, 1430-1720, AB3

CSM 108: Critical Analysis and Learning
  Anne Chapple T, 1000-1250, AB1
R, 1730-202, AB2
W, 1130-1420, CH1

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