Student Tech Guide

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  •  The account is free, is based on your student ID number, and is confirmed through your registration data.
  • ‌Your student ID number will be printed on personal information you receive from UFV such as a registration receipt   

Where to use your computing accounts 

UFV Computers, Network Files and Email 

  • Your student computing account allows computer access to the
    UFV network filesstudent email and online courses while on campus
    and remotely.
  • Students set their own personal passwords and are responsible for not sharing their accounts. 

Create an Account 

1. Go to a computer

  1. Type into a web browser
  2. Go to the Secure Access Login area of myUFV

2. Type your username

  • Your computer username is your student number
  • It is nine numbers Example: 300099999
  • It is printed on your campus card and your course registration receipt

3. Type your password

  • The FIRST time you log in to the UFV network your default password is set to your date of birth
  • It is six numbers in the format of yymmdd

    Example: February 17, 1984 is 840217
    yy (last two digits of year) 84
    mm (two digits of month) 02
    dd (two digits of day) 17

4. Set your security question (myUFV option only)

  • Once you successfully log into myUFV, set a security question to assist you in the future in case you forget your password
  • Choose the Home tab, click on Personal Information, then click on Change Security Question
  • Select a security question from the pull-down or type your own question
  • Type your security answer which is case sensitive and limited to 30 characters

5. Change your birth date password

  • To access certain higher secure areas of myUFV, you will be asked to change your default password to a personal password only you would know
  • Choose a new and different personal password that is exactly six numbers
  • Please wait 15 minutes before using your password for the first time
  • In the future, you can change your password by choosing the Home tab, clicking on Personal Information, and then clicking on Change Your PIN

    Please wait 15 minutes or longer after any myUFV change before you log in again to allow time for the network to synchronize all of your computer accounts. 

Student Grades

Obtain your final grades for the current semester, as well as previous courses, grades, and test scores, through myUFV. Final grades are not mailed, except by request.


2013 T2202A's are now available through myufv

The T2202A is a government-approved form that shows how much tuition you have paid for the prior calendar year, and what your education credits are for the period. T2202A's will not be mailed.

All UFV students, current and past, can print T2202A tax forms from myUFV. Login and make the following selections: 

  • Student Information
  • Student Services
  • Canadian Tax Forms
  • T2202A Tax Credit Form

General Information:

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