Digital Media & Creative Practice through the Centre for Creative Development

Build your creative skills with flexible digital media and creative practice courses and workshops. Learn from industry leaders in the well-equipped digital labs and arts studios at the Centre for Creative Development on the UFV Mission campus. For more information, visit

Adobe InDesign Boot Camp
Start with the basic concepts of typography, layout, and visual storytelling, and explore the exciting world of publishing. Create print and interactive PDFs. Your choice of projects includes a poster, flyer, magazine cover, or album cover.

Mission Campus
(20258) 2 sessions, Sat, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, $350. Starts Mar 4

Adobe Illustrator Boot Camp
Learn Adobe Illustrator and draw logos, work with typography, and create multilayered vector artwork. This class will also cover file formats and how to interact with other programs to create a well-produced end product. Students should bring examples of what they hope to create on the first day so instructor can tailor to expectations.

Mission Campus
(40201) 5 sessions, Sat, 9:00 am – noon, $350. Starts Apr 1, no class Apr 15

Adobe Photoshop Boot Camp
Digitally create with Adobe Photoshop in a workshop-style format. Learn how to collage, paint, photo edit and output
formats for print and web. Students should bring examples of what they hope to create on the first day so instructor can tailor
to expectations.

Mission Campus
(40202) 5 sessions, Sat, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, $350. Starts Apr 1, no class Apr 15

Adobe Big 3 Bootcamp: Intro to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
Get a digital skills intro to Adobe’s top three design, layout, and image making programs. Taught by industry experts, this intensive hands-on course is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to navigate these powerful digital tools. Workshops and tutorials take place in the morning. Work on daily assignments in our Mac lab in the afternoon.

Mission Campus
(40209) 8 sessions, Mon-Thu, 9:00 am – noon, $560. Starts Aug 21

Logo Design Boot Camp
Learn the basics of logo design and effective visual branding in print and digital for a business, event, or organization. This twoday workshop introduces Adobe Illustrator and how to create a versatile logo, with expert advice on how to build value and
success through a consistent style and message.

Mission Campus
(40204) 2 sessions, Sat, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, $350. Starts May 13, no class May 20

Website Design (Design Only)
What kind of website do you need? Find inspiration and style—and work with typography, colour and layout to design your
website. Build, optimize functionality, and think of the end result. Create a professional Adobe Photoshop mock-up of a website. At the end of this course ,you will have a working copy of a PSD mock-up. Design only, no coding.

Mission Campus
(20259) 4 sessions, Wed, 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm, $350. Starts Feb 8

How you sell a story is almost as important as how you tell it. This course will show designers how to identify the heart of a
story, how it will speak to and move the target audience, and how it will change their lives (for the better). These skills will support their ability to sell a concept or approach to clients and guide them in making their storytelling memorable.

Mission Campus
(40205) 1 session, Sat, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, $155. Jun 3

PAPI: Plein Air Painting Institute
Plein Air painting is the act of painting outdoors in a natural environment. Oil paintings and drawings come to life with this
instructor-led field study. Learn how to oil paint in the natural and agricultural landscapes of the Fraser Valley. This course is for artists of all levels and is a hands-on and interactive experience.

Mission Campus
(40210) 5 sessions, Sat, 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm, $290. Starts May 27

Drawing Camp
A hands-on approach to drawing with dry materials including charcoal, graphite and pastel. Subjects will include still life,
portraits, and landscape. No experience necessary.

Mission Campus
(40206) 4 sessions, Mon-Thu, noon – 4:00 pm, $350. Starts Jun 26

Manga Teen Camp
Discover how to create manga-style illustrations! This introduces illustrating human anatomy in traditional manga style, still life, drawing in perspective, and storyboard layout. Final project includes one or more comic book panels.

Mission Campus
(40208) 5 sessions, Mon-Fri, 9:00 am – noon, $350. Starts Jul 10

Photography Boot Camp: DSLR Camera and Photoshop Intro
Use your DSLR camera and create amazing images. Find out about aperture, shutter speed, focal point, depth of field, various
shooting and framing techniques, and composition. Upload your images to the computer and learn basic Photoshop techniques to improve your images.

Mission Campus
(40207) 4 sessions, Tue-Fri, noon – 4:00 pm, $350. Starts Jul 4

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