Dental Professions

Provisional Prosthodontics

Please note, this program is under review.

 This course is for licensed practising CDAs and hygienists who have a minimum of one year’s experience in clinical practice. It covers the following services under the supervision of a dentist: 

  • Fabrication and trying in provisional restorations intra-orally, including intra-coronal direct provisionals, and adjusting occlusion extra-orally followed by assessment by a dentist before cementation.
  • Temporary cementation of provisional restorations and removal of temporary cement followed by assessment by a dentist.
  • Performing non-surgical gingival retraction techniques excluding the use of epinephrine.
  • Removing temporary and permanent cements using appropriate hand instruments excluding the use of dental handpieces.
  • Removing provisional restorations.

CDAs who have successfully completed the theory and clinical course and have been recognized by the College of Dental Surgeons may legally perform these procedures under the supervision of a dentist. This theory component of the course is offered via correspondence in the Fall semester and the clinical component is offered in the Spring semester at Canada Education Park in Chilliwack. Upon successful completion of the theory and clinical components, graduates of this program may apply to the College of Dental Physicians and Surgeons to receive their prosthodontics designation and add 22 credits toward their CE professional development licensing requirements.

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updated February 2016

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