Current Course Offerings

Course Assessment and Evaluation
This six-hour module focuses on developing assessment and evaluation plans for a course. In particular, this module will review basic assessment techniques and focus upon the systematic development of marking guides and rubrics.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(80246 HLTH ED11 A3A) David Tickner, 2 sessions, Wed, 6–9 pm, $125.
Starts Oct 22

Developing a Course Syllabus
This three-hour module focuses on the development of a course syllabus. Typical elements of a syllabus are course purposes, course goals or outcomes, pre-requisites, course format and activities, assessment and evaluation, and institution policies will be reviewed and discussed. In particular, issues of course alignment and scheduling will be addressed. You are encouraged to bring a copy of a course syllabus template from your institution if possible.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(80247 HLTH ED12 A3A) David Tickner, 1 session, Wed, 6–9 pm, $65.
Starts Nov 5

Questioning Techniques
This three-hour module focuses on the purposes and use of verbal and written questioning techniques. The module will focus on the use of questions during in-class activities such as debriefing case studies, troubleshooting problems in the shop or clinic, and the interactive lecture. Also, the module will focus on the use of question prompts and stems for writing activities such as journals or reports.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(80248 HLTH ED13 A3A) David Tickner, 1 session, Wed, 6–9 pm, $65.
Starts Nov 12

Approaches to Lesson Planning
This three-hour module explores purposes and formats for lesson planning. The module will review lesson planning related to helping students achieve the particular required goals and learning objectives of a course. As well, the module will review the planning of lessons designed to guide higher-level student learning activities in situations where student performance is not as predictable or as easily defined as for beginners. Attention to detail is important in lesson planning; positive learning is the goal.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(80249 HLTH ED14 A3A) David Tickner, 1 session, Wed, 6–9 pm, $65.
Starts Nov 19

Background Concepts of Curriculum Development
This three-hour module presents an overview and history of basic theories related to adult learning and curriculum development. The purpose of this module is to provide foundational context and rationale to support our curriculum content and delivery choices.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(80250 HLTH ED15 A3A) David Tickner, 1 session, Wed, 6–9 pm, $65.
Starts Nov 26

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