Current Course Offerings

American Sign Language Prep I
This beginner conversational class is conducted completely in American Sign Language. This practical approach enhances your learning and is the most effective way for non-deaf people to learn to
sign. The class also provides an introduction to deaf culture.

There are no offerings for ASL I until Winter.

American Sign Language Prep II
Build on what you learned in American Sign Language I. Learn about telling or asking about families, practise language and grammar functions, give directions using special references, and master ordinal numbers.

Abbotsford — Clearbrook Centre
(80174 LANG ASLP2 A5A) 10 sessions, Mon, Wed, 6–9 pm, $360. Starts Nov 7

Spanish I
This beginner course is an excellent introduction to Spanish, the most widely spoken romance language in the world and one of United Nations’ five official languages. Learn basic conversational Spanish and develop your vocabulary, in addition to gaining insight into Spanish culture.

Chilliwack — UFV Five Corners
(80006 LANG SPN01 C5A) 8 sessions, Tue, Thu, 6–9 pm, $250. Starts Sep 27

updated September 2016


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