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Power Line Technician foundation program

Program status: Currently accepting applications

Program overview

The Power Line Technician (PLT) program at UFV is a pre-apprenticeship program that provides you with the basic skills necessary to enter the workplace as a power line worker.

Power line technicians build and maintain overhead and underground power transmission and distribution systems. They erect and maintain electrical poles, towers, and guy wires, and install or repair live-line wiring.

The program covers the activities and core skills required of a level 1 power line technician, and includes both theory and outdoor performance-based exercises. The hands-on training is delivered in collaboration with highly experienced instructors from Electrical Industry Training Institute (EITI Global).

During the program’s last week, an on-site job fair will provide you with the opportunity to meet employers, make connections, and demonstrate your skills.

Power Line Technician is a nationally designated trade under the Red Seal program.

Course number

20381 TRD PLT01 A9A Orientation

40241 TRD PLT02 A9A

Tuition and fees


Location and duration

The Power Line Technician program is scheduled to run for 8 weeks, starting on May 4, 2015. Classes run from 8 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday in Abbotsford.

Entrance requirements

  1. High school graduation or equivalent or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one year as of the first day of classes
  2. Full privilege B.C. driver’s licence (Class 5 or 6) or equivalent, and an acceptable driving record
  3. In order to qualify, candidates must successfully complete an orientation on Saturday, Feb 28, 2015, to undergo testing for physical, technical, and mechanical aptitude. Power line technicians typically require the physical stamina and the psychological attitude to work at elevated heights, in variable weather, and occasionally in remote, rugged terrain.

Courses Currently being offered this semseter:

Powerline Technician Orientation
Successful applicants will be required to attend an orientation. This will assess your physical, technical, and mechanical aptitude. No prior line experience is necessary. Please note that course size is limited and not all eligible candidates will be admitted into the current course intake.

Abbotsford                                                                                                                                                                                (20381 TRD PLT01 C9A) TBA, 1 session, Sat, 10 am–3 pm, FREE. Feb 28

Powerline Technician
This 8-week program will prepare students for entry into the electrical high voltage industry. Powerline technicians construct, maintain, and repair the overhead and underground electrical power transmission and distribution systems that make up the electrical power grid. This involves putting up and maintaining electrical poles, towers, and guy wires as well as installing or repairing the live-line wiring and other components required to connect power distribution and transmission networks.

Abbosford                                                                                                                                                                                (40241TRD PLT02 C9A) 40 sessions, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, 8 am–2 pm, $8000.00. Starts May 4

Last updated Feb 2015

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