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Drawing, Painting and Picture Making: Transformational Tools for the Beginning Artist
This course introduces students to technique, ideas, and theories related to creative forms of image making and surface production. Various methods of visual communication will be examined in relation to contemporary two-dimensional media practices.

Designed for the beginning artist to help them in understanding and implementing the key artistic tools and techniques needed to create a finished still-life acrylic painting on canvas.

Through a combination of short lectures, unique demonstrations of fundamental concepts in drawing and painting, and hands-on time in the studio this class will help students break away from 2-dimensional ‘symbolic thinking’ and become confident ‘picture makers’ equipped with the skills and surprising techniques used by artists throughout history.

In this eight week course, we plan to explore a brief history and theory of human image-making, the impact of binocular vision, 2-D and 3-D shapes, linear perspective, light and shadow, value scales, colour theory, basic tools and materials for the artist and the combined application of these elements in creating a finished still-life artwork.

We plan to teach the student to keenly observe and interpret the world around them and how to make a realistic representation of what they see (and what inspires them) on paper and canvas. This class endeavors to thoroughly teach the rules so the artist can be better equipped to break them.

Abbotsford Campus
CRN 40304 Wed, 6:30-9pm, $405. Starts May 7

Back to the Writing Basics
Feeling a bit insecure about your sentences — maybe your modifiers are downright dangling? If you’re finding daily writing tasks, whether in the
workplace of on your personal projects, are becoming more demanding, you need a refresher course. Regain control and master the crucial skill of
clear writing now — in two friendly and empowering sessions.

Hope centre
(20226 WRP WR20 H5A) Mark Friesen, 2 sessions, Sat, 9 am–noon, $115. Starts Mar 1

Blogging 101
Have you been meaning to try your hand at blogging? This workshop is suitable for beginner or intermediate bloggers, both personal and professional. Set up your blog or further develop your existing blog. Learn from an experienced writer and blogger how to develop ideas
into posts, deal with privacy issues, and develop your personal brand.

Hope centre
(20225 WRP BLOG1 H5A) Michelle Vandepol, 1 session, Sat, 9 am–noon, $69. Feb 15

Developing Your Writing
Develop your fiction no matter where you are in your project. This workshop covers discovering writing platforms, developing project premise, planning a writing schedule, breaking through writer’s block, and strategies for revision.

Hope centre
(20224 WRP WR19 H5A) Allison Kilgannon, 1 session, Sat, 9 am–noon, $69. Mar 15

The Writer’s Weekend
Treat yourself to a weekend away from your usual obligations in the quiet artistic community of Hope, BC. Enjoy an all-inclusive package: accommodation, meals, and non-stop writing opportunities with a variety of workshops to choose from as well as writing contests with prizes
throughout the weekend. Learn to finally see that novel of yours through to completion from writers who have been there. No matter whether you are at the outline stage or on your 10th draft, get a customized plan put together for you to reach your goal. Come and spend the weekend with writers who will inspire you and light your writing fire again.


• Breaking Through Writer’s Block
• Writing for a Paycheque
• Storyline and Prose Critique and Help
• Novel Outline and Development Crafting
• Character Alive
• Growing Your Writing
• Strategies for Reaching Deadlines
• The Emotional Work of Writing Addressed

HOPE — Kawkawa Lake
(20218 WRP WR101 H5A) Michelle Vandepol and Allison Kilgannon, 3 sessions, Fri, 7–11:30 pm, Sat, 9 am–11:30 pm, Sun, 9 am–2 pm $360. Starts Apr 25

Last update: April 14, 2014

Attention beginning artists

Master simple drawing and painting techniques to transform your 3-D still-life artwork into high caliber images that have impact.

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Paralegals are in demand

Get fully equipped to attend hearings, conduct legal research, interview clients or witnesses, manage evidence and draft legal documents.

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