Vision Statement of the School’s Learning Outcomes

We believe that there will continue to be a demand for criminology and criminal justice trained university graduates with the ability to think critically and creatively, have excellent writing, communication, and research skills, leadership qualities, the ability to work productively individually and in groups, the ability to develop and analyze policy, have the ability to understand our discipline in relation to the larger world, and use their knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to society.

Specific Learning Objectives from Individual Courses

  • Knowledge of Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • Students will understand the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and current statistics in criminology and criminal justice
  • Research Methods in Criminology
    • Students will understand and be able to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods in criminology and criminal justice, and be able to develop, conduct, and write up research
  • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Students will use critical and creative thinking to identify, define, and solve problems
  • Application of Criminology
    • Students will understand and have the ability to apply criminological and criminal justice principles to individual, community, and organizational challenges.
  • Values in Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • Students will act ethically, honestly, and respectfully in the University and the workplace
  • Communication Skills
    • Students will be able to communicate effectively and clearly in writing and orally
  • Information Literacy
    • Students will be able to locate, access, and reference academic and non-academic information from a wide range of sources, such as libraries and the internet, and be able to competently use the software packages common to criminology and criminal justice
  • Worldview
    • Students will understand and respect different intellectual philosophies and social cultures
  • Individual Growth and Professional Development
    • Students will have a better understanding of why they believe what they believe about criminal justice issues, and will have developed and demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in and out of the criminal justice system 
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