Disability Services


How can the Disability Resource Centre help?

The Disability Resource Centre acts as a resource for students with disagnosed disabilities who seek equitable access to UFV courses, activities, educational materials, buildings and services. Our mission is to embrace diversity and foster inclusion by ensuring that UFV complies with their legal duty to provide academic accommodations to students with disabilities.

Our services can include:

  • Accommodation planning for exams and classrooms;
  • Information on applying for disability-related educational funding help in applying for funding on disability-related assistive technology*;
  • Ordering books in alternate format;
  • Disability-related counselling;
  • Liasing with instructors on accommodations in the classroom;
  • Providing referrals to community resources.

*The Disability Resource Centre can help you to apply for technological aids that can assist you in overcoming disability-related barriers. For more information on assistive technology programs, please go to http://www.at-bc.ca/.



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