Spring 2015
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Spring 2015 Brochure

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Theatre and Literature

The Theatre  Experience      Julius Caesar    UFV Chilliwack Theatre.        $20      
Thurs, March 12 1:00– 2:30pm (class) Sunday, March 15, 2:00pm (matinee)
Envy, betrayal and power collide in Shakespeare’s greatest political thriller. In this contemporary adaptation of Julius Caesar,  the play’s intense examination of rumour-mongering and political machinations meets the spin of 21st century technologies. Meet and hear from the director, Bruce Kirkley, before seeing his production! Class and play are at the UFV Theatre on the old Yale Road Campus, D building.                                                                                                                             

Improv!  - David Hobson          6 sessions                                              $40
Thursdays    Feb. 5—Mar. 12  1:00—2:20 pm                Room A2106                                                                       
Imagine being able to come up with a quick-witted response in conversation; making an off-the-cuff remark which has people in stitches laughing; or just being able to deal with anything life throws at you.  And imagine learning how to do that in a no pressure, no preparation and nothing but fun way.  This enjoyable and highly interactive course will show you ways to use improve comedy in your life and will give you the confidence you need to deal with almost any situation.  If you need to have fun, you need this course.     

Just Say a Few Words  -  David Hobson   6 sessions                               $40            
Thursdays  Feb. 5—Mar. 12    10:00—11:20 am            Room A2106
For many people the thought of having to stand up and speak in front of others is fearsome.  However, there are many situations in life where we are asked to ‘Just say a few words’.  This might include giving a vote of thanks, proposing a toast at a wedding or anniversary, or asking a question at a conference or political forum.  This highly interactive course is designed to show participants how to overcome nervousness; organize their thoughts; structure their responses; and speak confidently to any audience.

Music Appreciation  -  Rowland Amos  6 sessions                                   $40  
Mondays,  Feb. 2—Mar. 16  11:30 am —12:50 pm    Room   A1364                                                                                               
This course emphasizes the development of listening skills with which the student may perceive and understand fundamental music elements as they are heard in various musical styles.  Learn about  [1] Sound: Pitch, Dynamics, And Tone Color [2] Performing Media: Voices And Instruments 3] Rhythm [4] Music Notation [5] Melody [6] Harmony [7] Key 8] Musical Texture[9] Musical Form 10] Musical Style.



Tapestry for Thought  6 presenters        6 sessions                                $45
Wednesdays, Feb. 11—March 18,    10:00—11:20 am           Room A2201
This  is our variety pack mini-lecture series. Presenters will share their passion and expertise on an eclectic range of topics. From fascinating to controversial, this course is always interesting. This Spring, be prepared to think about Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Hollywood, Art Appreciation, Counterterrorism In Canada,  The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, and more from Darren Blakeborough.          

Taxes and Seniors  -  Gerald Eggert  6 sessions                                     $40
Wednesdays  Feb. 4—Mar. 11    10:00—11:20 am   Room A1364
Are you still wanting to file your own income taxes or you want to play a more informed role in working with a tax preparer;  this course will guide you through the process.  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) continues to, "change the rules" and increase the complexity of filing a tax return.  Understand a tax return and the new and changing rules. Learn how to ensure you are taking full advantage of all deductions and tax benefits available in your personal tax situation. This course emphasises  the specific recent changes in the taxation of seniors and provides the knowledge to ensure that you file your taxes in the most beneficial manner for both you and your spouse (if applicable)."

The Art of Travel Photography  - Leona Isaak  6 sessions                       $45
Wednesdays Feb. 18—Mar. 25   1:00—2:20 pm     Room A2106                                                                                            
Are you determined to get the best photos ever of your upcoming trip? Then get some tips from a skilled photographer, to make your good photos, great! Beginning with your camera, then thinking about elements of design, lighting and composition, and finally looking at editing and sharing your photos, this course will prepare you well for your next photo adventure! Homework/assignments and a basic understanding of your camera. Will be required.

Travel With Me  Various Presenters      6 sessions                                  $45
Tuesdays,    Feb. 3—March 10,       1:00 pm—2:20 pm             Room A2201              
Enjoy the pleasures of armchair travel,  as our presenters whisk you around the world, an immerse you in their travel adventures! This Spring, we will be visiting Iceland, the American Southwest, Turkey, and the North and South Poles, as well a some drop-dead beautiful local venues.

Seniors, Investing, & Stock Market Basics  Darlene Koller                      $40        
Tuesdays  Feb. 3—Mar. 10  10:00 am—11:20 am    6sessions         Room A2215
If you are curious about investing, how it is done, its risks and rewards, Darlene would like to educate you! She has training through the Canadian Securities Institute and has been in the industry for 21 years, She has been a Certified Financial Planner since 1999, and is currently a portfolio manager, knowledgeable about topics such as risk and return, asset allocation, and basic Investment vehicles . This is your opportunity to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Non-Professional Family Caregivers -  2 sessions    Colleen Rush, Colleen Johnson     $30        
Wednesday, Feb, 4 & Wed. Feb.11   10:00 am—11:20 am                Room A1354
Are you caring for, or concerned about, an aging parent, spouse, partner, relative or friend? Help is close at hand. During these two interactive sessions, co-facilitators Colleen Rush and Colleen Johnson will answer questions and provide information about programs, services and resources available for non-professional family caregivers who are providing care for family members or friends suffering from a chronic or terminal illness.


Class on a Bus

Local Architecture  -  Patrick Stedman  1 session                                                 $50            
Monday, March 23, 9:00 am—12:30 pm                      Room A1316              
Our in-house artist, Patrick Stedman, is offering a one-time opportunity to become familiar with the roots and reasoning behind the architecture of our community. Begin with some classroom instruction, so that you are ready to recognise Architectural styles, then board the bus for tour of our local highlights.


Quilting  -  Beatrice Rieske      6 sessions                                                            $45
Saturdays  February 7—March 14   9:30 am—Noon              Room A2207                                                                                           
This is your chance to learn the basic process for making a quilt, and end up with your own quilt in the process! Our instructor has many years of quilting experience, and is excited to bring new quilters into the fold. There will be a list of necessary tools that you will need to purchase in advance, and a list will be available on registration day. A portable sewing machine is a must!

Learn by Doing

Advanced Genealogy     Peter Whitlock     6 sessions                                               $45
Tuesdays Feb 4 - March 11,   9:030—11:30 am       NLC                Room 1009
If you have taken Genealogy for Beginners and are ready to learn more detailed stories of your family history, then this class is for you. Peter has 48+ years of experience with Genealogy and will be able to guide you to the tools to answer most questions. Come prepared to uncover the next chapter of your family’s story.  This course is held at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre at Chilliwack Senior Secondary, 46363 Yale Road.                                                                                                  

First Aid Skills for Seniors   Weekdays-  Neil MacLean  2 sess.                             $30      
Tuesday and Friday Feb. 3 & 6,  10:00 am—11:20   Rm A2203 (T) &A1360(F)          
Would you know what to do in an medical emergency? Are you living with someone who has a medical issue? This is a certified first aid class that is designed specifically for our senior citizens. This Canadian Red Cross CPR AED course will introduce you to basic CPR and how to use an AED. Other topics include adult and infant choking, how to deal with bleeds, recognizing signs of a stroke or heart attack, and healthy life style choices. This class is hands on and open to a frank discussion of many of the issues that affect us all. Each of the two classes is two hours and promises to be fun and informative.

First Aid  Skills for Seniors  Saturdays-  Neil MacLean  2 sessions                                 $30     
2 Saturdays ,   Feb. 28  and March 7       9:30—11:30  am          Room A1360                                                             
Same as above, but on 2 Saturdays.

Simple Newsletter Design for Small Organizations - Esther Harder                                $40      
Mondays    Feb. 10—Feb. 24    10:00—11:20 am      3 Sess.        Room A0024                                                                                                    
Esther wants to help you bring some structure to your small organization (Strata council, church or hobby group, and the like) by showing you how to create a simple yet effective newsletter using the Microsoft Word program of your computer. It’s easier than you think! (Not for “beginners” - some comfort with a computer necessary!)

Get it Write!  -    Margaret Evans      4 sessions                                                          $40
Thursdays  Feb 19—Mar  12      1:00—2:20 pm                 Room A2211                                                                                    
This course is a boot camp for aspiring writers! Margaret covers article and feature writing, fiction and non-fiction books, children’s books, and memoirs. She gears her course to her participants, so don’t worry if you don’t see what YOU want to write on the list! She helps establish your writing “mindset” - discipline, finding time to write, storylines, planning, interviewing researching, knowing your audience. There will be handouts, and yes, homework!

So You Want To Learn To Draw!     Patrick Stedman     6 Sess.                                   $45  
Tuesdays  Feb. 3—Mar. 10      1:00—2:20 pm            Room 2203                                                                                                                      
6 sessions exploring the process of “learning to draw”. Each session will focus on the need for observation and  organized recording  of visual information. A fine tip black pen, paper and your enthusiasm is all that is required. No experience needed!

Spanish for Beginners!  -  Claudia Earl 6 Sessions                                                      $40   
Mondays    Feb. 2—Mar. 9    1:00—2:20 pm             Room 0020                                                                                                              
This class will start from the A (Ah) B (Beh) C (Ceh) basics to help you gain an understanding of the language. If you travel to Spanish speaking countries and want to be able to communicate with the natives, this course will help you towards that aim. If you just want to learn a second language, to challenge your brain and have fun, this Latin American instructor will do that. The instructor is a trained language teacher with over 10 years experience and loves teaching. Enjoy yourself while learning with no pressure!

Functional English Skills for Daily Life  - Jessica Cordeiro                                             $40   
Saturdays, Feb. 7—Mar. 14,  1:00—2:30 pm    6 Sess.    Room A1314
Do you have a neighbour, friend or family member who is new to English? This course will give them confidence to order food in a restaurant, buy gas or groceries,  do their banking and many other daily tasks that can be overwhelming to someone just beginning to learn English. A safe, no-pressure learning environment where participants drive the course with their needs.

Computers/Communication Technology

Our computer labs have the Windows 7 operating system                                                 
*We don’t recommend the courses for Mac/Apple Computers                                        
*You should have access to a Windows based computer for practice.                                 
*Internet  access is recommended .                                                                                                         

Introduction to Basic Computer Skills      Valerie Boechler                       $45
Tuesdays Feb. 3 –Mar. 10 10:00 am—11:20 am   6 Sess.  Room A0024                                                                                                                      
This course covers the basic skills needed for everything you will want to do with your computer. Email, using the internet and word processing all require certain skills. Therefore you will learn terminology, those all-important text editing skills, the basic function and control of the keyboard, the use of a mouse and how to manage the windows on your Desktop. If you have no computer experience, or only a little, you can learn the basics in a patient, relaxing atmosphere. 

Finding Your Way around the Computer—Where’s my Stuff?       Valerie Boechler    6 sessions         $45  
Wednesdays Feb. 4—Mar.11   10:00 —11:20 am              Room A0024
You are comfortable with the basic skills of text editing, keyboard and mouse because you have already mastered Introduction to Basic Computer Skills, right?  That is a prerequisite unless you are sure that you have already gained those skills elsewhere.  Here is where you learn to save and name your files and folders.  You will organize your documents so you can find them again. This course is not for beginners. Please bring a small USB flash drive. $10 or less wherever sold.

Internet Basics—Let’s Surf the Internet    Valerie Boechler                                    $45
Thursdays  Feb. 5 –Mar. 12    2:30—3:50 pm    6 Sess.    Room A0024                                                                                                                                                                                             Get comfortable using a browser to access and navigate websites that interest you. Learn to use a search engine to find out about topics of interest. Information regarding your hobbies, the news, entertainment and much more can be accessed and saved for your later use. The skills you learned in the previous two classes are a must for this one.  Seriously. This course is not for beginners.

Hands, Brain, Keyboard and Fun—What?      Valerie Boechler                              $45                           
Fridays     Feb. 6-Mar. 13      1:00—2:20 pm        6 Sessions             Room A0024                                                                        
The computer keyboard is good for more than just typing even though this is a touch typing course where you learn which finger to use for each key. Here we also use it to exercise your mind and improve flexibility, range of motion, strength and the independent use of your fingers. First we warm up with a series of finger exercises. Then keyboard drills using our handouts as well as entertaining online resources will build your skills. These combine to help train communication between brain and hands to the benefit of both.  Suitable for all levels from beginners on up.

Your iPad and You            Mike Ball         6 sessions                                       $45    
Wednesdays  Feb. 4 - Mar 11  10:00 am -12 noon    Room 2213
In this course we will explore topics such as:  "Your iPad device, its ins and outs";  "Email and other communications";  "Effective use of the internet";  "What the heck is iCloud?";  "Finding Apps that benefit your life";  "The relationship between your iPad and your computer".  All these along with a stream of tips and hints. Bring your  iPad (Generation 2 or newer) to class along with its charger. Ipad “Mini” welcome too!

Photography DSLR Basics (Beginner)  Arnie Nicholas  4 sess.                            $40
Saturdays Feb. 7—28          10:30 am—12:30 pm          Room A1355                                                                                  
In this course we will focus on the basics of exposure. We will learn why shooting in Program Mode (P on the dial) is better than shooting in AUTO. We will cover the following topics, Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture), Exposure Compensation, White Balance, how to properly hand hold a camera, focusing, metering modes and more. Bring your camera (DSLR only) manual and tripod if you have one.

Photography DSLR Basics (Advanced)   Arnie Nicholas    4 sess.                    $40
Saturdays March 7—28           10:30 am—12:30 pm               Room A1355                                                                                       
Prerequisite to this course is the DSLR Basics Level 1 or having attended one of my previous classes for ElderCollege. We will focus on everything from the DSLR Basic Level 1 course and apply it to the shootings modes Aperture priority, Shutter priority and Manual mode. Bring your camera, manual and tripod if you have one. DSLR cameras only!

Spring 2015 Brochure

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