FALL 2015
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Fall 2015 Brochure

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COOKING - Chef Bruce is BACK! 

Enjoy a leisurely Saturday preparing appetizers—Hot & Cold.    Make ahead so you can enjoy visiting with your guests. 

The Kitchen , Trades & Technology Centre, 5579 Tyson Road 

1 Session   YOU CHOOSE:  October 24  OR  November 7th     9:00am—2:00pm                  $40


 The Theatre Experience   Argonautika   UFV Chilliwack Theatre           $30      

Thurs, Nov 26, 10:00– 11:30am (class);   Sunday, Nov 29, 2:00pm (Matinee)

Adaptation of Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece.  This is a thrilling theatrical journey across unknown seas and encountering giants, dragons & sorcerers.  The class takes you behind the scenes.  Class and play are at the UFV Theatre on the old Yale Road Campus, D building.      

 Travel With Me         Various Presenters          6 sessions        $45

Tuesdays   Oct 6—Nov 10        11:30 am—12:50 pm        Room A2201

Enjoy the pleasures of armchair travel as our presenters whisk you around the world and involve you in their travel adventures from Southwest USA to Scotland!  Motorcycle across Canada, visit war memorials in Normandy, and go on an African safari.  


NEW!!  EVENING  ‘TRAVEL WITH ME’                      4 sessions                     $25            

Thursdays    Oct 15—Nov 5      7:00 pm—8:20 pm            Room A2201

Travel while relaxing.  Cycle through tulips in Holland and enjoy the exotic sights of India and other adventures.   Are you a senior travelling alone?  One session has speakers sharing their experiences as a ‘single’ traveller.


Tapestry for Thought    Various Presenters    6 sessions                        $45

Wednesdays   Oct 7 –Nov 18     1:00 pm—2:20 pm          Room A2201 

Thisis our thought provoking mini-lecture series. Presenters will share their passion and expertise on an eclectic range of topics. From fascinating to controversial, this course is always stimulating. Come prepared to engage in topics such as the Deadliest Earthquake, Chilliwack’s Chinatown, Owls & Hawks, Healthy Living including Music, Memory and the Brain and more.


NEW!!  Learn to Curl— with Chilliwack Curling Club, 9291 Corbould Street    6 sessions        $35

Thursdays    Oct 22—Nov 26      1:00—2:30 pm        

You will have an instructor mentor on each sheet of ice—4 students per instructor—who will coach and answer any questions.  All equipment is supplied. If interested, there may be an opportunity to ‘spare’ on a team in January.


NEW!! Chair Yoga– Mari Newell                     6 sessions                $40 

Tuesdays    October 6—November 10    10:00—11:20 am    Room A2211

Come and enjoy a gentle chair yoga class with an accredited instructor.  Experience the relaxation of the calming breath and restorative moves that are safe for everyone. Wear comfortable clothing.


Guided Walks & Talks around Chilliwack         5 sessions                     $40              

Debora Soutar, Victor Froese and Ken Hurley               Locations TBA                      

 Wednesdays               October 7—November 4                     2:00 pm                                      

Join Debora Soutar, a local forester, for two of the walks to see some of the most important trees in Chilliwack. You will learn about our natural and cultural history along the way.  On two other walks, Victor will provide details about the history of the Browne Creek wetlands, the flora and fauna, invasive species and much more. The trails follow the newly restored and expanded salmon spawning channels. Ken Hurley will guide a Fall nature walk starting at Mt. Thurston campsite to complete the series.

All walks are easy and about 1 km.  For all walks dress appropriately for the weather—Rain or Shine!


NEW!! Knitting for the First Time   Evelyn Barten     6 sessions               $35

 Wednesdays     October 7 –Nov 18         10:00—11:20 am          Room  A0022

Knit a scarf or a gift during those long winter evenings or while watching your favourite show!  Learn the basics and finish a project (perhaps 2) with patient, supportive guidance.  Kits and pattern will be provided at first class at a reasonable cost.


EVENING!   Drawing in Perspective  Patrick Stedman    6 Sessions         $40 

Tuesdays     7:00 –8:30 pm      October 6 –November 1           Room  A1360

Drawing is fun!  Learn the processes such as layering, vanishing points and horizontal lines.  Learn one, two and three point perspective and most common usages.  You will understand the value of these skills for any artist and designer.  Open to all abilities.  Bring your pencil, eraser, ruler, and paper of your choice.



This Fall we have two exciting tours—in October and in November.


Planes & Wine      Saturday, October 17th     9:30 am –4:30 pm              $60

Start the morning at the Canadian Museum of Flight with a guided tour and hands on learning about Canada’s rich aviation heritage.  Enjoy your lunch, and a walk if you like, at Campbell Valley Regional Park. Hop on the bus for a short trip to our second destination, Domaine de Chaberton Winery where we will tour and taste.


Eagles & Cows        Saturday, November 21st    9:30 am –3:30 pm          $50         

Travel to Harrison Mills area and observe these magnificent eagles in the wild and learn more from an on-site conservation officer.  Lunch with fellow seniors at Agassiz Harrison Senior Social Centre (hot drinks provided by donation).  We will then head to UBC Dairy Education Research Centre for a guided tour. The Centre promotes learning and research for both local and international students and scientists.


Understanding Political Terrorism   4 Presenters         4 Sessions                         $35 

Mondays      October 19 –Nov 9   11:30 am—12:50 pm              Room A2201                   

With the escalating violence in the Middle East, the recent terror attacks in     Europe and Canada, and the threat of more attacks against democratic countries, terrorism is once again a significant concern for governments and citizens. This lecture series will discuss the changing face of terrorism, explore terrorism     committed by and against the state, and will examine the strategies that Canada and the international community have adopted to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism by and against their citizens.



 NEW!! EVENING Financial Planning & Retirement    Eddy Mejholm    4 Sessions     $35

Wednesdays    October 14 –November 4     7:00—8:30 pm        Room A1314                                   

A good financial plan takes into account all aspects of your finances, balancing what you need and want today with the personal goals you have for the future.  Learn how to enhance your financial future and avoid financial stress.


Music Appreciation—Opera        Rowland Amos            6 Sessions              $40

Wednesdays   October 7—Nov 18    11:30 am –12:50 pm      Room A2211

This course will share the development of Opera over the centuries. Mr. Amos will feature selected composers and facilitate discussion of the highlights from 1600 to present.


What Makes Chilliwack Tick?       6 Presenters       6 Sessions                       $40

Thursdays    October 8—November 12        1:00 –2:30 pm           Room A2201

Six dynamic authorities, including Mayor Gaetz, will share the most current     information about our City. Other represented sectors of our community include Parks, Planning, CEPCO, Tourism, and the RCMP.   There will be opportunity for questions and discussion at each session.


First Aid Skills for Seniors      Neil MacLean         2 Sessions                          $35      

Mondays        October 19 & 26       9:30—11:30  am         Room A1354

Would you know what to do in a medical emergency? Are you living with someone who has a medical issue? This is a certified first aid class that is designed specifically for our senior citizens. This Canadian Red Cross CPR AED course will introduce you to basic CPR and how to use an AED. Other topics include adult and infant choking, how to deal with bleeds, recognizing signs of a stroke or heart attack, and healthy life style choices. This class is hands on and open to a frank discussion of many of the issues that affect us all. Each of the two classes promises to be fun and informative.


First Aid  Skills for Seniors    Neil MacLean        2 Sessions                          $35

Saturdays      November 7 & 14     9:00—11:00 am         Room  A1362                        

 Same as above.


Photography DSLR Basics Level I    Arnie Nicholas   4 sessions                  $40       

Saturdays   October 3, 17, 24, 31  9:00 am—11:30 am    Room  A1355  

In this course we will focus on the basics of exposure. We will learn why shooting in Program Mode (P on the dial) is better than shooting in AUTO. We will cover the following topics: Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture), Exposure Compensation, White Balance, how to properly hand hold a camera, focusing, metering modes and more. Bring your camera, manual & tripod if you have one.  DSLR cameras only!


Photography DSLR Basics Level II   Arnie Nicholas    4 sessions              $40

Saturdays   November 7—28       9:00 am—11:30 am      Room A1355

Prerequisite to this course is the DSLR Basics Level 1 or having attended one of my previous classes for ElderCollege. We will focus on everything from the DSLR Basic Level 1 course and apply it to the shootings modes Aperture   priority, Shutter priority and Manual mode. Bring your camera, manual & tripod if you have one. DSLR cameras only!


Genealogy for Beginners         Marlene Dance         6 sessions                $50         

Saturdays        October 3rd, 10, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14           9:00—11:30 am    Room A1360

Just getting started? Marlene has 44 years of experience and has been facilitating this popular class since 2009. You know more than you think. Begin with the basics using what you have – photos, documents and old family stories – build from there.  Topics such as accessing the archives and immigration records, dating photos, understanding records, online research and software programs will be covered. Bring a laptop (basic email, keyboarding and research skills are required).



Our Computer labs have Windows 7 operating system.  You should have access to a Windows based computer and internet access for practice.  We don’t recommend the courses for Mac/Apple Computers.


 Introduction to Basic Computer Skills      Valerie Boechler                $45            

 Tuesdays   Oct 6 –Nov 10    11:30 am—12:50 pm      6 Sessions               Room A0024  

The use of E-mail, Internet and Word Processing require basic computer skills. You will learn them in this class! Computer terminology, basic functions and control of the keyboard, use of a mouse, and those all-important text editing skills will be introduced. If you are new to the      computer or need a bit more practice before enrolling into the File Management class, join us in this patient and relaxing learning atmosphere.


File Management the Electronic Way— Where’s my Stuff?     Valerie Boechler     $45 

 Mondays   Oct 5–Nov 16   11:30 am—12:50 pm       6 Sessions           Room  A0024

This class can be used as a pre-requisite to our "Email and Facebook" class. You will learn electronic file management: creating e-folders, as well as the creating, saving and organizing  of new and existing files. When finished, you will know where you put your files and how to find them again! This course is not for beginners.  You MUST feel comfortable and confident with the skills taught in Introduction to Basic Computer Skills . Repeat students are welcome.

Android Tablet         Robert Marks                 6 sessions                               $45

Mondays    October 19 –November 23     10:00—11:20            Room A2207


Learn how to navigate your way through your android tablet including how to     connect to the internet either at home or elsewhere, check your security settings, download and manage apps, and organize your photos and documents.  Participants must bring their tablet, charger and any other accessories to class.  No iPad or    Windows tablets.  We will NOT be dealing with cellular capabilities of any devices.


Cell Phone Tutorial      Valerie Boechler        2 sessions                             $30

Saturdays    October 24 & 31                    12:30—2:30                 Room A1426 


Do you have a cell phone that can do many things, but you have no idea how to work it?  Your Cell Phone Tutorial class gives you an opportunity to get all the      answers you need. High School student tutors will be on hand to instruct, demo and demystify. Bring your questions, cell phone, user’s manual and accessories (cables, electrical plugs, etc.) to each class. Each student will have a high school tutor. 


Your iPad and You            Mike Ball                    6 sessions                            $45    

Wednesdays    October 7 –November 18     10:00 am –Noon   Room A1316


We will explore topics such as:  Your iPad device, its ins and outs;  Email and other communications;  Effective use of the internet;  What the heck is iCloud?;  Finding Apps that benefit your life;  and The relationship between your iPad and your computer.  Helpful tips and hints will be shared!  BRING TO CLASS your iPad (Generation 3 or newer) along with its charger.  iPad “Mini” welcome too! 


Your iPad and You            Mike Ball                6 sessions                                $45    

Saturdays       October 17-November 21       10:00 —Noon        Room A1314

Same as above. 


New!! Email Essentials & Introducing Facebook    6 Sessions                     $45       

Wednesdays    October 7—November 25      8:30– 9:50 am      Room A0024       

Valerie Boechler:  3 sessions   /  Colleen Gingerich:  3 sessions 

For this course you MUST be comfortable browsing the Internet.  You will set up your web based email account in class, review sending & receiving email, finding documents and pictures on the computer, and learn how to open, send and save both documents and pictures as attachments. The last  3 weeks you will create a Facebook page and have fun finding friends, sharing posts and uploading and downloading photos.  You will learn about the privacy settings and other basic Facebook essentials.

Fall 2015 Brochure

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