Spring 2014 
Course Descriptions

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Active Participation

The Theatre Experience - The Age of Arousal  UFV Chilliwack Theatre.     $20
2 sessions.  Wed., Jan 22 at 10:30 am, and Sun., Jan. 26 at 2:00pm        

It is 1885, a time of passion and confusion: the typewriter and the suffrage movement are sending things topsey turvey, virtue is barely holding down its petticoats. Five ambitious New Women (and one Newish Man) struggle to find their way. Join in with these engaging characters  at a matinee showing of “The Age of Arousal”, after an opportunity to hear from Director Ian Fenwick about the background of the production on January 22.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
The Theatre Experience - Romeo and Juliet UFV Chilliwack Theatre          $20
2 sessions Wed., March 19 at 10:30 am and Sun., March 23 at 2:00 pm

The world’s greatest love story, told by the world’s greatest playwright—be part of the eloquent and tragic  masterpiece at a matinee performance on March 23, after an engaging refresher class on Romeo and Juliet with Prof. John Carroll of UFV on March  19 .

Live Healthy    6 presenters     $35
6 sessions.  Fridays, Feb. 7—March 14, 1:00—2:20 pm       Room  A2207

For our generation, living a long and healthy life can be within our control. Find out the many ways that we can improve our lives through good health, and have fun doing it! A variety of presenters look at the many aspects of a healthy life, and involve us each week—exercise, nutrition, meditation, medication management, outdoor options for seniors, and  therapy of horses to combat depression round out this innovative and enriching six week course. You owe it to yourself to learn more about all these topics!

How to Trace Your Military Ancestry    $25
1 session.  Saturday, March 15, 9:00 am—Noon      Room  A1360
Instructor:  Jim Harris

Jim  is a retired 34 year Canadian Forces Veteran, with 20 years’ experience researching Canadian Military History, touring European battlefields and talking with Veterans and their families. Bring your loved one’s military records, photos and artefacts for discussion. Be prepared to be challenged, we’ll learn together, and support one another in learning more about Canada’s sacrifice and glory. This program will assist and guide you with Canadian online search procedures.

Book Study     $35
6 sessions.  Tuesdays, Feb. 4—Mar. 11, 1:00—2:20 pm      Room  A0022
Instructors:  Carrie Hinterberger/Leona Gardiner  

The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King, will be the focus of this entertaining and insightful book study. Enjoy discussion of  the evolution of North American culture, from the perspective of one of our first Nations citizens. The book, an award winning bestseller, is available at local bookstores—buy it and read it before the first class!

Get it Write!     $35
6 sessions.  Tuesdays, 
Feb. 4—March 11, 11:30—12:50 pm       Room A1360
Instructor:  Margaret Evans                     

Back by popular demand! In this series, award-winning writer and author Margaret Evans will provide instruction and tips on writing novels, young children’s stories, memoirs, non-fiction books and scriptwriting. The series will include information on getting published by traditional book publishers. It will look at all the expanding opportunities for authors in the digital publishing world. Margaret will also address the importance of your own website, social media, and the essentials of promotion and marketing.


Tapestry for Thought  6 presenters     $35
6 sessions.  Wednesdays, Feb. 5—March 12, 10:30 am– Noon    Room   A2201                                                                                 

This  is our variety pack mini-lecture series. Presenters will share their passion and expertise on an eclectic range of topics. From fascinating to controversial, this course is always interesting. This Spring, hear about the World War 1, Stephen Leacock, The Music of the ‘20s, The Oil Pipeline, Financial facts for Seniors,  and a special presentation from the President of the University.  Join the discussion!

Improv Theatre for Fun and Relaxation     $35
6 sessions.  Thursdays, Feb. 6—Mar. 13, 1:00—2:30   Studio Theatre  Room A 2106
Instructor:  David Hobson 

Imagine being able to come up with a quick-witted response in conversation; making an off-the-cuff remark which has people in stitches laughing; or just being able to deal with anything life throws at you.  And imagine learning how to do that in a no pressure, no preparation and nothing but fun way.  This enjoyable and highly interactive course will show you ways to use Improv comedy in your life and will give you the confidence you need to deal with almost any situation.  If you need to have fund, you need this course.  David Hobson, a veteran of numerous stage plays, is the perfect instructor for this cours!

Effective Presentations    $35
6 sessions.  Tuesdays, Feb. 4 - Mar. 11, 10:00-11:20 am     Room A2211
Instructor:  David Hobson

For many people the thought of having to stand up and speak in front of others is fearsome.  However, club officers, event organizers and relatives at a wedding (amongst others) often have to make presentations, either formally or informally. This highly interactive course is designed to show participants that presentations can be both effective and enjoyable.  Attendees will learn how to overcome nervousness; structure a presentation; use notes and visual aids correctly; and speak confidently to any audience.


Social/ Interest/ Presentation

Travel With Me  Various Presenters     $35
6 sessions.  Tuesdays, Feb. 11—Mar. 18, 1:00—2:20 pm         Room   A2201

This armchair travel class will take you to destinations far and near (Singapore, the Klondike/Chilkoot Trail, Haiti, European Castles, Hawaii and more!). Sit back and relax while you travel the world. See the amazing pictures and hear the enthralling stories from seasoned travellers. NOTE: this course  will be offered in the afternoons for this semester, as an experiment to see if it is better for our participants than an evening course.

Natural Disasters and Hollywood     $35
6 sessions.  Wednesdays, Feb. 5—Mar. 12, 10:00—11:20 am       Room  A1362
Instructor:  Steven Marsh  

Ever wonder about those events in the latest blockbuster from Hollywood?   How should one prepare for that disaster that is bound to happen?  Is it possible for an ice age to occur overnight or for California to break away and slide into the Pacific?  We will examine and discuss natural disasters as portrayed by Hollywood over the past 100 years.


Learn by Doing

Art - Drawing 3    $35 
6 sessions.  Tuesdays,  Feb. 4—Mar. 11, 1:00—2:20 pm          Room  A1314
Instructor:  Patrick Stedman        

Drawing 3 is a fun opportunity to learn the rules and processes involved in drawing in perspective using layering, vanishing points and horizontal lines. Learn one, two and three point perspective and their most common usages. You’ll understand why  this is a valuable skill for any  artist or designer. Open to all abilities.

Art - Watercolour Painting     $40
6 sessions.  Wednesdays, Feb. 5—Mar. 12, 1:00—3:00pm      Room  A2207
Instructor:  Pat Jaster 

This watercolour course is a continuation of the techniques learned in Watercolour Painting 1. It is a fun, casual, interactive learning atmosphere for intermediate students.   It includes simplified techniques with watercolour; painting flora, fauna, portraits, seascapes, landscapes and mountains; simplified basics in state-of-the-art colour mixing and theory; updated pigment and colour choices, and more! Some experience suggested. Supply list available at registration.                                                  

Art—Mixed Media Collage   $40 -  Christine Newsome
6 Sessions   Tuesdays   Feb. 4-Mar. 11 1:00—3:00 pm
Neighbourhood Learning Centre—Chilliwack Senior Secondary School    Room  1012
Instructor:  Christine Newsome

With lots of time for art making, you will create works of art using mixed media collage techniques and learn about texture, colour palettes and effective composition. Using acrylic paint as a base, we will experiment with other media such as coloured pencils, powdered pastels and a variety of “found” paper images. Everyone is welcome. Supply list at registration. See some of Christine’s work at www.christinenewsome.ca . This will be the first class that we will hold at the new Chilliwack Senior Secondary School—lucky you!

Cooking - Chef Bruce Corbeil     $35                       
1 Session.  Saturday, February 15  OR  Saturday, March 15 , 9:00 am—2:00 pm
UFV Trades & Technology Centre    Room 1060

Join Chef Bruce on a culinary “Mediterranean Cruise”, with recipes from Spain, Italy, Greece and North Africa. He will incorporate appetizers, entrees and desserts. Bring an apron, some  containers for leftovers, and your appetite!

Cell Phone Tutorial     $25
2 sessions.  Saturdays, Feb. 22 and Mar. 1, 10:00 to 11:30 am      Room  A1360  
Facilitator:  Bryan Strip        

Do you have a cell phone that can do many things, but you have no idea how to work it?  Your Cell Phone Tutorial class gives you an opportunity to get all the answers you need. High School student tutors will be on hand to instruct, demo and demystify . Bring your questions, cell phone, user’s manual and accessories (cables, electrical plugs,  etc.) to each class. End time is variable.                                          

Photography—DSLR Basics     $40                                                                                                      
6 sessions.  Tuesdays  Feb. 4—Mar. 11, 6:30-9:30 pm      Room  V115
Instructor:  Arnie Nicholas

This course is designed for Digital SLR cameras only (not point and shoot cameras). Bring your camera to class. In this course, you will: focus on the basics of digital photography, explore various camera features, controls, menu items, and shooting modes other than Auto, and discuss how various accessories and techniques can help your photography. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, depth of field, different types of lenses, and specialty filters, how to use a tripod, how to properly hold a camera, and working with a flash and flash accessories. Whew! 

Creative Digital Photography     $45
Wednesdays, Feb. 5—Mar. 12, 1:30—3:00 pm     Studio Theatre Room A2106
Instructor:  Victor Froese

This 6-week course will focus on creating pleasing images with your digital camera.  The emphasis will be on learning to “see” images, to become aware of how our eyes see differently from the camera, and to produce an image with the camera that we think we see (a mental process).  It will be a hands-on course with live demonstrations, photo sessions on campus, and sharing of your work on a weekly basis.  The outcome should be that you will have created at least one print that you are proud to hang on your wall.

Joined in Harmony: The Art of A Cappella Singing and the Barbershop      $35               
Tuesdays, Feb. 4—Mar. 11, 10:00—11:30      Studio Theatre     Room A 2106
Instructor:  Gerry Borden

Join with other interested singers to learn the a cappella style of singing known as Barbershop Harmony.  This series of classes will focus on vocal technique and sound production, breathing and breath control, resonance, the elements of harmony and singing in harmony.  We will use selections from the barbershop repertoire for introducing and using these various concepts and techniques.  Maybe you'll be part of a new and exciting barbershop quartet.  No need to bring your 'boater'. Open to men and women!


  • Our computer labs have the Windows 7 operating system.
  • We do not recommend the courses for owners of Mac/Apple computers.
  • You should have access to a Windows-based computer for practice.
  • Internet access is recommended as some courses have a student support website.

Computers for Beginners - Level 1    $45                 
6 sessions.  Tuesdays, Feb. 4—Mar. 11, 2:30—3:50 pm     Room  A0024
Instructor:  Valerie Boechler
If you have absolutely no computer experience and would like to learn the basics of computer operations in a patient atmosphere, this is the course for you. As well as taking the mystery out of computer terminology, the course will cover the functions and control of the mouse, an explanation of the desktop screen and basis word processing functions. There are handouts provided.   

Computers for Beginners - Level 2    $45            
6 sessions.  Thursdays, Feb. 6—Mar. 13, 5:00—5:20 pm    Room A0024
Instructor:  Valerie Boechler

This course will focus on using your computer filing system in order to organize, save and then of course find your documents and photos. Completion of the Computers for Beginners - Level 1 or a  familiarity with the mouse keyboard and the elementary functions of the computer is a must. There are handouts with each class.Please bring a small USB Drive, max $10.

Computers for Beginners  - Level 3    $45 
6 sessions.  Fridays, Feb. 7—Mar. 14, 4:00—5:20 pm          Room A0024
Instructor:  Valerie Boechler

NAVIGATE THE INTERNET – surfing is fun and enjoyable if you know how and you will! Build your confidence for using the internet by learning to use several of its built-in options, then store and use the information for your hobbies or work. Completion of Level 1 and 2 are a must!

Microsoft “Word” 2013     $45
6 sessions.  Wednesdays    Feb. 5—Mar. 12      9:30—11:00 am
Chilliwack Senior Secondary School - Neighborhood of Learning Centre     Room 2001
Instructor:  Esther Harder

This course will cover the creation of basic letters and documents, inserting text boxes, clipart photographs and more. Basic photo editing, saving and printing is also included. Access to a computer with Windows 7 and Word 2010 or 2013 is required for home practice. Students should have taken a basic computer course or be comfortable with working on a computer. A one GB or more USB stick is required for bringing work home!

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