Engineering Over Two Years

Many students are unable to attempt an ETP in two semesters:  some students must work part-time to support themselves or their families; some students are missing a pre-requisite course; and others are unsure of their long-term goals.  Yet the most common reason for intentionally taking more than two semesters is that the majority of interested students realize that they need more time to develop the maturity and work ethic needed to succeed.  Both UBC and UVic understand this and have alternative entry paths.

Currently UBC demands that the EPT be completed in two semesters for the student to be awarded guaranteed admission at a 2.5 GPA. UBC has an additional transfer system described under "Transfer from General Science".

UVic allows students additional time to complete the ETP courses, but expects the students to be ready for the heavy workload of the second year.

There are multiple possible schedules for doing the program at UFV over two years, but the following is quite typical. Please note that the first year Math and Physics should be done as soon as possible to keep the options in second year open.

The ETP is designed to be completed in one year. However, you can choose to take two years at UFV and take all courses of the Engineering Transfer program along with your second-year math and additional electives before you transfer. But doing it this way means you will not have reserved seats in the program. The following is an example of a two year schedule based on courses that are always offered in those semesters. Additional courses are occasionally scheduled to allow additional flexibility; details are e-mailed to applicants each year:

First year/Fall semester:

COMP 152

Introduction to Structured ProgrammingCourse                        

ENGR 122

Introduction to Engineering

ENGR 151

Computer-Aided Engineering Graphics

MATH 111

Calculus I

PHYS 111



First year/Winter semester:

COMP 155 Object-oriented Programming (UVic)                                       
ENGR 113 Engineering Physics: Statics and Dynamics
MATH 112 Calculus II
MATH 152 Linear Algebra for Engineering
PHYS 112 Electricity and Magnetism

Arts elective (UBC)

Second year/Fall semester:

CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry I                                                        
ENGL 105 The Reading and Writing of Prose
MATH 211 Calculus III
MATH 255 Ordinary Differential Equations
PHYS 221 Intermediate Mechanics

Second year/Winter semester:

CHEM 114 Principles of Chemistry II (UBC)                                              
PHYS 105 Algebra Based Physics (UVic)
MATH 270 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
PHYS 381 Mathematical Physics


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