Along with our core courses, we also offer elective courses. Student must write the ESL assessment test or obtain permission of ESL department to register.

Speak with confidence and learn to identify the sounds of Standard Canadian English! 

ESL Pronunciation (part 1)
ESL P45 is intended for intermediate to advanced ESL students who would like to improve their listening and speaking skills. It teaches sounds as part of the rhythm and stress used in informal English and focuses on difficult sounds from a variety of perspectives.

ESL Phonics/Spelling
ESL P55 course is intended for Intermediate/Advanced ESL students who still find it difficult to understand the relationship between the English spelling and sound systems. The course will survey the English sounds represented by a given spelling as well as all the possible spellings for a given sound. It will also deal with word and phrase stress, rhythm, intonation, and reductions in rapid speech as well as use of dictionary pronunciation keys.

ESL Pronunciation (part 2)
ESL P65 course is intended for intermediate to advanced ESL students who would like to improve their listening and speaking skills by studying rhythm, stress, and intonation. It concentrates on emphasizing parts of each sentence which are essential for clear communication. It includes techniques for improving listening comprehension and giving oral presentations.

ESL TOEFL Preparation Bridge I
ESL T85 is intended for students with academic aspirations and who wish or need to take the TOEFL test. The course is intended to help these students master the English grammar and writing skills they will need on the test.

ESL Intermediate Business English
ESL BU55 course focuses on basic communication in a business environment. ESL students will be introduced to a wide variety of written and oral communication tasks, including writing short business letters, faxes, memos, and emails. Case studies and role playing will teach students how to act and speak in various business situations. By the end of the course, ESL students will have improved their English skills and will have gained a basic understanding of North American-style business correspondence and face-to-face communication.

Pre-University Business English for ESL
ESL BU75 course is designed to help prepare ESL students for Business Administration & Computer Information Systems programs. In addition, it should be very useful for currently employed ESL students or those aiming to work in a business environment.

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