The English Second Language program (ESL) at UFV is an academic preparation program that combines in-depth training in core language skills at six levels with a choice of electives to suit the individual needs of students.

All reading, vocabulary, writing/grammar, and speaking courses are considered "core". All other courses are "electives". Our electives include courses in pronunciation, phonics, TOEFL preparation, Business English, academic note-taking, and other skills.  

Our students come from over 70 different countries and represent speakers of over 50 different languages. Students can attend part-time or full-time, in the daytime or the evening.

Students in the ESL program gradually shift from an all ESL program into a combined ESL and academic program giving students practical support during this transition and helping them adjust to the increased study time required in academic studies.

This approach also helps maximize student success in further academic or career programs by providing students with the opportunity to develop the skills required for post-secondary study at Canadian universities.

Certificates of completion are available for students throughout the program starting at our upper intermediate level. Students taking advanced level ESL classes have the option of applying to the Foundations Program. Students in Foundations may take a limited number of academic classes each term along with their ESL classes as long as they continue to meet the program requisites. Students who graduate from our highest ESL level meet the requirements of UFV’s English Language Entrance Policy and may begin full time studies in UFV academic programs (providing they have met program prerequisites).

updated: 2014.01.15 / created: 2007

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