Cheque Processing and Payments
Account Transfer Requests
Signing Authority on New and Existing Account(s


  1. When claiming mileage, state point of departure, destination, purpose of travel and total mileage. As of Sept 1/08 the mileage rate is $0.50/km, prior to Sept 1 the mileage rate is $0.45/km . Mileage claimed should represent the most direct route. Standard mileage for between campus travel is:

    Chilliwack - Abbotsford 31.20 km    Abbotsford - Mission 17.50 km
    Chilliwack - Hope 54.70 km    Abbotsford - Agassiz 55.30 km
    Chilliwack - Agassiz 25.70 km    Abbotsford - Hope 52.60 km
    Chilliwack - TTC 7.50 km    Abbotsford - Chilliwack Base 34.60 km
    Chilliwack - Mission 48.00 km    Agassiz - Hope 33.80 km
          Abbotsford-Clearbrook Centre  6.1 km 
  2. Complete and properly approved expense claims will be processed.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the claimant.
  3. The Accounting Department is responsible for the administration of the above stated guidelines and is authorized to question any claim and obtain further information if necessary. However, individual supervisors are responsible for exercising judgement with regards to "reasonable authorized UFV business" prior to authorizing an expense claim for the individual.
  4. To ensure timely financial information to departments, all expense claims must be submitted within 30 days of completing the travel or incurring the business expense.

Cheque Processing and Payments

  1. Cheques are prepared every Thursday, on a weekly basis and are usually available for distribution after 11 am on Friday.
    • Regular vendor invoices are paid according to the invoice due date
    • Expense claims and cheque requests require 2 weeks from receipt in Finance for processing
    • Advance requests should be received in accounts payable at least 3 weeks prior to activity
    • Requests for payments to be made outside of this timeline are to be directed to the Accounting Coordinator
    • Foreign Currency payments- Please allow additional time for processing of bank drafts or wire transfers

Account Transfer Requests

During the fiscal year, expenses may be charged to the incorrect account or funds may be transferred to another department. To ensure that the adjustment/transfer is made, the Account Transfer Request Form must be completed. This form includes necessary information such as:

  • The account to be charged
  • The account to be credited
  • The reason/explanation for the request
  • Approval by the signing authority of the account(s)

Furthermore, operating capital transfers must be approved by the Vice President of Finance & Administration.

Signing Authority on New and Existing Account(s)

The Accounting Department requires the Signing Authority Form be completed if there are any changes in the current departmental signing authorization. In addition, this form is to be used for the set-up of new accounts. The form is available from the Accounting Office.


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