Please find below UFV Polices specific to the Finance and Budget departments.  Visit UFV Polices to view all UFV Polices and learn more about policy development.

124   Annual Budget (Guidelines and Process)
BRP-205.05   Board Policy on Budget Process and Approval
119   Budget Adjustment Authority
121   Budget Review
123   Budget Transfer
122   Accounting Procedures & Surplus Distribution, Contract Services
BRP-205.02   Board Policy on Signing Authority
117   Facsimile Signatures
BRP-215.01   Investment Policy of the Board
126   Payables Management
127   Petty Cash
128   Receivables Management
129   Recording Receipts of Money
196   Spending Authority
116   Signing Authority - Banking
200   Signing Authority - Responsibilities
148   Maximum Mileage
147   Mileage Claim


The University, College and Institute Protection Program (UCIPP) provides coverage to all member institutions against liability and loss; it also assists members in their identification and management of risks that may lead to loss or damage to property, or harm to individuals.  The Employees' Handbook/Guide to UCIPP Coverage can be accessed here.

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