• Up to 25 Upper Year Garfield Weston Awards, which comprise: a tuition waiver for one or two additional year; an $8,000 stipend renewable for one or two additional years; access to summer program funding, up to $3,500, and mentorship. Recipient also receive a $4,000 retroactive award payable immediately upon selection to help defray accumulated educational costs.


In order to be eligible for a Upper Year Garfield Weston Award, a student must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Be presently enrolled in full-time studies (9 credits) at a public college leading to a diploma or applied degree (university transfer program, post-graduate, and pre-university DEC students are not eligible) in a program recognized as eligible by the college and the Garfield Weston Awards. (UFV eligible programs are listed below)

  • Have at least one full academic year left in current college program and be pursuing his or her remaining studies on a full-time basis (100% course load or minimum of 15 credits)

  • Possess a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students who do not have their final marks at time of application should submit available transcripts and mid-term marks; final marks will be requested if the applicant is asked to interview

  • Be nominated by his or her current college.


Upper Year Garfield Weston Awards recognize and award the outstanding college student who is:

  • Passionate about his or her field of study

  • Curious, courageous, and willing to try new things

  • Community-minded and truly interested in becoming involved and making a difference in society.


  • Download application from

  • Complete and print

  • Submit completed application and transcripts to UFV Financial Aid and Awards office

DEADLINE: March 13


UFV Applied Programs Eligible for Upper Year Garfield Weston Awards

Diploma Programs

  • Agriculture Technology
  • Aviation
  • Business
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Criminology
  • Fashion Design
  • Library Technology
  • Social Services

Degree Program

  • Bachelor of Arts  - Adult Education
  • Bachelor of Arts - Child and youth Care
  • Bachelor of Arts - Criminology
  • Bachelor of Arts - Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Social Work

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