This award will be presented annually in memory of Amabile Giacomazzi.  Mrs. Giacomazzi was the eldest daughter of 13 children, living in a very small community in Italy.  She immigrated to Canada in 1936. It was not unusual for children not to receive much formal education, partly due to the Wars and also the poverty in the country. However, Mrs. Giacomazzi was indeed a very wise and intelligent woman.  She always encouraged her children, grandchildren, her neighbours' children, to get as much education as they could.  She felt strongly that with an education, you have marketable skills that will hold you in good stead for your lifetime.  She was always very interested in learning new things, no matter what they were.  For example, she used to keep track of the Canadian vs USA dollar, to better understand the economic impacts. Mrs. Giacomazzi was very skilled in cooking, gardening, sewing and crafts.  This award celebrates both her understanding of the importance of education and her special love of cooking.

AMOUNT:  Varies (value of the award will fluctuate each year based on the endowment amount)

AVAILABLE TO:  A graduating student in the UFV Professional Cook Training program.


1.     The recipient will have completed the program and received high marks in his/her studies,

2.     The recipient will submit a letter that outlines:

o    How they have demonstrated the skills, attitudes, leadership, and the potential to become an exceptional professional chef

o    How they intend to use the award, and

o    What their career aspirations are

3.     The recipient will need to provide two Letters of Reference. At least one letter of reference will need to be from an instructor of the Professional Cook Training program.

SELECTION PROCEDURE:  Recipients will be selected by the department.  Students do not need to apply.

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