Student employment

Earn money, test out career options, and launch your career now while you are studying.  As a UFV student, you can avail yourself of one or more of the following work opportunities:

Work on campus

You can land an on-campus, part-time job that is flexible and built around your class schedule. Working on campus gives you the opportunity to work with UFV faculty and staff, while gaining work experience and building up your references. Visit the UFV Career Centre for more info.

Participate in the Co-op program

You may prefer to alternate academic studies with paid work terms in a career-related field through UFV’s coop education program.  Not only do you get to earn money and develop contacts, you also graduate with a degree and relevant work experience in your field.

Join myCampusLife

Join myCampusLife to volunteer and build up your co-curricular record for employment or graduate school.

Seek elected office

Intestested in public service? You can serve as an elected student representative of the Student Union Society (SUS) or of UFV's governing bodies, such as the Board of Governors or Senate. This is an excellent way to learn leadership and management skills, while also contributing to the life, governance, and future of your university community.


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