UFV Geography and the Environment (GATE) offers an integrated Arts and Sciences program designed to tackle complex environmental, socio-economic, and geopolitical questions. With small class sizes, and a focus on active learning, research, and spatial techniques, GATE prepares students for careers, graduate school, and community engagement. [Read More]
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GEOG 360 students make an impression!

Imagine a new future for Minter Gardens! These students did.  Read more

Still looking to take a course in Fall 2014?

Space is still available for the Fall 2014 term in GEOG 103, 140 and 240.

GEOG 103, The Physical Environment  Prerequisite(s): None


AB2 (CRN 90719)Tuesday and Thursdays 1815 – 1945  in room A421

Lab:  Choose either A#E (90716) Tuesdays 1950-2140 or A#F (90717) Thursdays 1950 – 2140 in room A413

Instructor:  Mariano Mapili


CH1 (CRN 90722) Tuesday and Thursday, 1000 – 1120 in room CEP A2213

Lab: Choose either C#A (90720) Tuesdays 1130 – 1320 in room CEP A2105 or

C#B (90721) Thursdays, 1130 – 1320

Instructor:  Khaled Hamdan

GEOG 140, Human Geography   Prerequisite(s): None

AB1 (CRN 90728) Monday and Wednesday 1130 – 1250 in room A416

AB2 (CRN 90729) Thursday 830 – 1120 in room A416

Instructor:  Terah Sportel

GEOG 240, World Regional Geography   Prerequisite(s): None

AB1 (CRN 90732) Friday 1000 – 1250 in room A413

Instructor: Cherie Enns

For more information, please visit http://www.ufv.ca/calendar/CourseOutlines/PDFs/GEOG/

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Earthwatch Grant Provides Shupe Opportuntity to Study Streamshed Change in the Lower Mainland

Associate Professor Scott Shupe has been getting his feet wet lately--testing water and mapping watershed change. Thanks to a $42,000 grant from HSBC and the Earthwatch Program, Shupe and his research students have helping train HSBC employees to become 'citizen scientists', while also compiling a database of information on stream conditions to help Earthwatch map global water quality conditions. Find out more about the project here.  

Students Engage in Development Work and Travel Abroad

UFV Geography and GDS students have been involved in a multi-year project in Tanzania investigating the impacts of climate change on informal settlements in Dar es Salaam. The interns have been part of a program funded by Students for Development (SFD), in partnership with Ardhi University in Dar. This partnership, and the work of UFV students, is profiled here, in UniWorld, a publication of AUCC.

Paleoecology Gets a Day in the Digital Spotlight!

Ever wonder what happens behind the door of A311? Get an inside look at the research and activities taking place in UFV Geography's Paleoecology Lab on YouTube. Good news, you can leave your hip waders at home for this journey! 

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