‌Welcome to the department of Geography

and the Environment!‌‌

Have you ever wondered about climate change, how volcanos are formed, ‌why our ancestors settled where they did, how harvesting natural resources effects our environment, or simply, anything related to how this planet works? If so, our courses are for you.

Our experienced and widely respected faculty members teach   a broad range of traditional and leading-edge geographical topics from local, regional, national, and international perspectives. Our under-graduate program is designed to be hands-on with fieldwork, scholarly with student research, and relevant by working with other disciplines in a variety of communities.

We offer Bachelor degrees in the Arts and in the Sciences. We also offer a variety of current and regional certificates. You can choose which program suits you best.

Students from our programs get great jobs. Check out our career page for more information.

Please come by and chat to us about your interests. And be ready to get your hands dirty!

Lynn Kirkland Harvey

Department Head (Interim)

Office: A407C

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