Canadian income tax

Most students will not earn enough income from Canadian sources to be required to pay income tax to the Canadian government. However, if you earn income in Canada you are expected to file a tax return every year.

Completing Canadian Income Tax forms can be beneficial to you as you may qualify for a tax refund and long-term tax credits (if you have future Canadian income).

To complete your income tax return, typically you will need these tax-related receipts:

  • T2202A (Tuition and Education Amount) – available through myUFV
  • T4 (Employment Income) – issued by your employer (if applicable)
  • T4A (Scholarship and Bursary Income) – (issued by UFV if applicable)

These tax-related receipts are produced in January and February for the previous tax year. Taxes owing must be paid by April 30, or interest charges will apply.

For further information, access the Canada Revenue Agency’s income tax information for international students.

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