International Tuition & Fees

The cost of education in Canada is among the lowest in the world and UFV's international tuition costs compare well with other Canadian universities. All fees quoted below are in Canadian funds. All fees are subject to revision without notice.

Tuition: Academic, University Foundation and Full-Session ESL Programs
4-month semestersTuition each semester
(excluding ancillary,
international administration, 
and medical fees)
Winter 2016 - January to April $7,800 flat fee
Summer 2016 - May to August $520 per credit
Fall 2016 - September to December $8050 flat fee
Winter 2017 - January to April $8050 flat fee
Summer 2017 - May to August $537 per credit
Co-op placement (any semester) $1,200 flat fee

*View estimate cost for one year

New students can review their Letter of Acceptance to find the deposit amount that is due to secure their seat at UFV. See instructions on how to pay. Any remaining semester fees will be due upon arrival. View the semester cost breakdown for tuition and fees totals.

Current international students can review a breakdown of cost per semester. Payment must be arranged for all fees at the time of registration.

Semester course load

For the Fall and Winter semesters, all international students pay a flat fee. ESL Program students can take up to 18 ESL credits; University Foundation and academic program students can take a MAXIMUM of FIVE (5) courses.

Most full-time university programs consist of 15 credits per semester. Science and technology programs may include up to 19 credits per semester. Aviation students who take courses at both UFV and Coastal Pacific within a given semester will generally be charged by credit for their UFV courses.

In the Summer, UFV offers select courses and all international students pay per credit.

International tuition: Post-Degree & Graduate programs
CredentialTuition for full-length program
Post-degree certificate programs $15,860 flat fee
(plus applicable ancillary and medical fees)
Post-degree certificate programs (as of Fall 2016) $16,100 flat fee (plus applicable ancillary, international administration, and medical fees)
Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice $25,000 flat fee (plus applicable ancillary, international administration, and medical fees)

Tuition fees for graduate credentials is a flat fee for the whole program. Costs are not broken down by semester or by credit.

Post-degree students can review their Letter of Acceptance to find the tuition fee amount that is due to secure their seat at UFV.

How much does it cost to study at UFV for your first year?

As of Fall 2016, you can expect to spend a total of $30,140 CAD (approximately) for your first year (two full-time semesters with a summer break). This includes tuition & student fees, international administration fee, books and supplies, medical insurance, accommodation and spending money. The amount required may vary, depending on your program of study and personal spending habits. Generally, the breakdown of costs for the first two semesters (eight months) of ESL or two semesters of academic study at UFV is as follows:

Tuition & fees
Tuition for undergraduate studies (two semesters per year) $16,100
Student and Ancillary fees (includes unlimited local bus pass) $740
International Administration Fee
(First two full-time semesters - fall & winter - only)
Medical and dental premiums $1,120


Additional costs (estimate only)
Books and supplies $1,280
UFV Residence $5,500
Living expenses $4,000



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