Entering Work Study Employment Information for Hired Students

Once you have been hired for a work study position, you will add your employment information to your account in CareerLink. Your supervisor will provide you with your contract details that will include your job title, the start and end dates, total hours and hours per week. You are required to complete the following information online for the purpose of setting you up with the UFV Payroll department.

To add employment information:

1. Log in to your account in CareerLink

2. Click on [profile] and then click on the tab [Placements (including Work-Study)]

3. Please note, if you don't see the [+Add New] button at the bottom of the Profile screen, click on the Personal Information tab. You must complete the items with a red *. Once you have added your personal information, click on [Save Changes and Continue]. Now when you click on the [Placements] tab, you should see the [+Add New] button.

4. Click on [+Add New]

5. Placement Type - choose UFV Work Study from the drop-down list

6. Job Title - your work-study job title

7. Employer - begin typing University of the Fraser and then choose the department you are working for from the drop-down list. If the department name doesn't appear in the drop-down list, enter the name of the department you are working for in the New Employer field.

8. Enter the name of the department you are working for, e.g. Geography

9. Enter the name of your work-study supervisor

10. Enter your student number

11. Enter your Social Insurance Number

12. Enter your birth date (month, day, year)

13. Enter your home address

14. Enter your start date and end date (information provided by your supervisor)

15. Enter the wage - 10.25 effective 1 May 2012  (plus 10% in lieu of all benefits automatically added by the Finance Department)

16. Enter the hours per week - e.g. up to 10

17. Click on [Submit]  

18. Once you have submitted your Placement information, please download the following documents from your [Resources] / [Career Resources] tabs in CareerLink:

1. Click on *Work-Study TD1 Federal to open; print document

2. Click on *Work-Study TD1 Provincial to open; print document

3. You will require a payroll time sheet every pay period, which you can access through the document library or pick up from the Finance & Administration office in A291.

19. Complete the two TD1 forms (one federal and one provincial) and submit them to the Career Centre department with your first time sheet.

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