(Kinesiology and Physical Education Student Association)

The kinesiology and physical education student association (KPESA) is made up of students who are either registered in our Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program or are taking KPE courses at UFV. The purpose of KPESA is to provide academic support as well as a social environment for KPE students. KPESA has been-- and will continue to be-- a strong student association on the UFV campus. We have held events such as Christmas cruises,  curling bonspiels between faculty and students, several golf events as well as pub nights. We will continue to offer similar social events as a means of creating a strong sense of social connectedness within the KPE department. KPESA is also always open to welcoming  other UFV students from other programs and departments to our social and academic events.

KPESA has been involved in active fund raising to raise money for students and families in need both at UFV and abroad. KPESA has been very successful in running the Banff Film Festival bake sale to raise funds. KPESA also grants a small scholarship to students who have demonstrated active engagement in campus life while maintaining good academic standing. KPESA additionally acts in a mentorship role to help students with their KPE studies. We have recently acquired a skeletal model and hope to find a space on campus which will act as a forum for study, mentorship and fellowship.


KPESA Contact Information


Sarah Dorsey sarah.dorsey@student.ufv.ca

ph: 604-308-9407


Vice President

Adrian Presnilla filadrian.presnilla@student.ufv.ca

ph: 604-996-8165



Kristalee Walchuk kristaleew@gmail.com

ph: 604-302-1344



Marissa Corea mhcorea@shaw.ca

ph: 403-589-0160


Social Media Manager

Lindsay Popovich lindsayidwell@hotmail.com

KPESA meets regularly on the UFV campus and is also on Facebook (see link).


   Click on the facebook icon to enter the KPESA facebook page!

Here are some photographs taken at KPESA sponsored events.

photograph courtesy of Rebeca Groen

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