Library Services for Patrons with Disabilities

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The UFV Library is committed to providing library services for patrons with disabilities. 

1.  Services

Reference Assistance

The UFV Library Reference staff will assist you with your information and research needs, whether it be using the catalogue, selecting search terms, devising search strategies, choosing research databases, using the Internet, or finding the answers to your questions.

Reference staff are available most hours that the libraries are open.  There are many options for contacting the reference staff, including phone, email and fax.

The library's homepage has a number of online handouts and tutorials available for learning how to use the library.

Retrieval of items from the collection

Staff will assist patrons who require assistance retrieving items off the shelf or browsing the collection. Inform the staff at a public service desk that you require assistance, and we will either accompany you to the stacks, or retrieve the items for you.

To request a book, journal issue, video or other library material from another campus, or to have an item pulled and waiting for pickup, use the Online Hold features in the UFV Library catalogue.  Allow one day delivery between Abbotsford and Chilliwack,  Monday to Friday.  Couriers arrive in Chilliwack at approximately 11:30 a.m. and approximately 2:00 p.m. in Abbotsford.  There is no courier service on Saturday and Sunday. Mission courier service is limited to a few times per week.

For students who are only taking on-line courses and do not come to campus, document delivery may be arranged.

Special Loans

Overnight loans of reference books or course reserves may be arranged in special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.

Alternative Borrower Authorization

If you have an aide or assistant who will be picking up your library materials, please provide us with a letter of authorization.

Booking Ahead

Library staff will do their best to assist you at all times.  However, please be aware that staffing levels are lower during evenings and weekends. It is advisable to call ahead and arrange for special assistance.

2.  Facilities


The Abbotsford campus library is wheelchair accessible, with ramped entrances, automatic doors, a gateless entryway and elevator access to the second floor. The Chilliwack library building (A building) has automatic doors at the main entrance. Staff will assist any patrons who require assistance entering and exiting any campus library.

Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located in G Building (the library building) in Abbotsford, A building in Chilliwack, and in the Heritage Park building in Mission.

Finding Library Material

Each campus library has wheelchair accessible computer workstations.  The computers are used to search the UFV Library catalogue for books or videos, search our licensed research databases, or search the internet. 

Off campus access to the library catalogue and most research databases is available via the internet.  Details on off campus access to research databases.


All campus libraries have photocopiers.  Photocopying in Abbotsford and Chilliwack may be paid for by coin, or by using value stored on the Smart chip on your student card.  Value may be added to the cards using the Smart Card manager units in the Abbotsford and Chilliwack libraries, or outside of the registration office in Mission.

Patrons who are unable to use the self-serve photocopiers may request assistance.

Adaptive Technology

There is a Disability Resource Centre located on both the Chilliwack and Abbotsford campuses which provide access to a variety of services equipment. The Abbotsford Disability Resource Centre lab provides adaptive technology.

3.  Materials

Video Collection

Many of our library videos have closed captionning.  This information is provided in the catalogue record of each video, in the "Language" field. View the full record to see this detail.  If you search in the library catalogue for the keywords "closed-captioned", you will be able to retrieve a listing of all closed-captionned videos.

Alternate Format Materials

Disability Services will make arrangements for textbooks and other resources to be provided in alternative format, such as audio-taped books, digital audio, braille or large print.   Requests should be made three months in advance.  They may also arrange the loan of adaptive equipment, such as Daisy book readers.  Please contact Disability Services for details.

Most alternate format requests are provided to Disability Services by the Centre for Accessible Post-secondary Education Resources BC (CAPER-BC).  Once the alternative format materials have been received from CAPER-BC, the items are held at the library for pickup.  Students may borrow the items for the semester.  These items are returned to the library at the end of the term.

For further information on library services, please contact Brenda Philip at (604) 504-7441.

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