Donations Information and Guidelines

Interested in Donating to the UFV Library? Thanks! We appreciate it.

!!! Due to the need to prioritize processing and cataloguing of current acquisitions, we are not able to accept donations at this time.

Exceptions are:

  • Publications authored by UFV students, faculty and staff are accepted.
  • Donations in kind supporting the UFV Heritage Collection are accepted.
  • Donations supporting the Western Canadian heritage cookbook collection are accepted.

The Library welcomes donations of books, periodicals and other materials from faculty, students and the general public but unfortunately cannot automatically accept them. More detailed information is available in the UFV Library Donations Guidelines. These guidelines are intended to assist prospective donors in making an informed decision regarding a potential donation.

It is preferable that an initial screening is completed through the Donation Review form before any materials are delivered to the Library. Donors are contacted as soon as possible to be informed of which materials the Library is able to accept for further screening.

Donated materials are received with the understanding that upon acceptance, they become the property of the Library with no special restrictions, requirements or conditions imposed. After individual examination, donated items may be added to the library collection. If not, they may be put in the Library book sale (with proceeds going to the purchase of Library materials), offered to another UFV department or another institution, recycled or discarded. Materials not accepted can be returned to the donor if this request is indicated on the Donation Agreement.

The Library greatly appreciates the generosity of donors. If requested, the UFV Finance Office will provide a tax receipt accompanied by a letter of acknowledgement for donations.

Still interested?

  1. Read the UFV Library Donations Guidelines
  2. Complete the Donation Review form
  3. Once contacted by the Library, deliver the requested materials to the Library
  4. Complete the Donation Agreement, indicating if you would like:
    1. a tax receipt for your donation
    2. to pick up materials not accepted for the Library collection

Any questions? Please contact us.

Last updated September 15, 2008 cb

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