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Our program offers a Canadian Library Association-approved curriculum that leads to excellent employment opportunities in a wide variety of libraries and information centres. For more about employment opportunities, visit our Employment Prospects page. For more information on the workload and structure of the program, visit our Program Details page.

When to Apply
The Library and Information Technology Program at UFV now offers admission to all three semesters (Fall, Winter, Summer). This means that you can apply to the program at any time. Depending on demand, some foundation courses like LIBT 100 and LIBT 115 course will only be available once per year (Sept-Dec.). However, there are many academic and elective courses that you can take while waiting for an available foundation course. So, apply today!

How to Apply
Admissions: Please refer to the UFV Admissions & Records information at: Once your application to UFV is accepted, you will have to complete the entrance requirements for the LIBIT program, which can be reviewed in the course calendar under the link: Program Entrance Requirements. 

NOTE:  Whether you are interested in taking the LIBIT program on campus or online or a combination of the two, our admissions process has been streamlined and you can now just apply to one program!

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