Library and Information Technology Diploma

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Quick Program Information:

  •  Students may choose to complete courses on campus, online or a combination of the two delivery systems.  All LIBT courses are offered online at least once in a 5 year cycle.
  • Students may choose to study part-time or full-time.  Students on campus can complete the Diploma in as little as 2 years; however, students who choose to study part-time or completely online will require between 3 and 5 years to complete depending upon the rotation of courses into the online environment.
  • The LIBIT Program must be completed within 5 years of acceptance.
  • To graduate with a Library and Information Technology Diploma, students must achieve a minimum of C (63% minimum) in all LIBT courses. Students with less than a C (63%) in a LIBT course will be required to repeat the course.
  • NOTE: Students who reside within the Metro Vancouver/Lower Mainland region are required to write scheduled midterm and final exams on the Abbotsford Campus. In addition, these students may be required to access some resources located on the Abbotsford campus.  Students who reside outside the Metro Vancouver/Lower Mainland region may choose to write their exams on the Abbotsford Campus or through invigilation at a designated post-secondary institution. All exams must be written on the date and time established either by the course instructor or, in the case of final exams, according to the UFV final exam schedule for each semester.
  • The Library and Information Technology Program consists of a total of 20 3-credits coursesas follows:
    • 13 core required LIBT course
    • LIBT 100 Introduction to Information Services
    • LIBT 115 Descriptive Cataloguing Techniques
    • LIBT 120 Introduction to Technical Services
    • LIBT 130 Introduction to Classification Systems
    • LIBT 135 Introduction to Subject Analysis
    • LIBT 140 Introduction to Reference Services
    • LIBT 145 Internet Information Retrieval
    • LIBT 162 Work Place Site Visits
    • LIBT 200 Information and Society
    • LIBT 205 Supervision in Information Centres
    • LIBT 220 Database Management and Software Implementation
    • LIBT 240 Media in Information Centres
    • LIBT 266 Practicum / Capstone Project (Students with less than a 2.67 GPA (grade point average) will not be offered a practicum and will be required to complete the Capstone   Project.)
  • 1 required LIBT elective course – Choose from:
    • LIBT 230 Information Services for Children
    • LIBT 235 Information Services for Young Adults
    • LIBT 250 Records Management
    • LIBT 270 Archival Studies
    • LIBT 345 Advanced Internet Information Retrieval
    • LIBT 280 Special Topics Course – offered on a needs basis
    • LIBT 399 Special Topics Course – offered on a needs basis
  • 4 required university level (UL) courses:
    • CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems or CIS 110 (or BUS 160) Computerized Business Applications and MIS (Students entering the program in or after Fall 2016  will be required to complete CIS 110 or BUS 160)
    • CIS 145 Web Publishing
    • Any university-level English or Communications course with a significant writing component chosen in consultation with program advisors (e.g. ENGL 105, CMNS 125, CMNS 155)
    • Any university-level course with significant content in general or specific aspects of Canadian history, geography or culture including but not limited to courses in anthropology, geography, sociology, etc. chosen in consultation with program advisors (e.g. HIST 101, GEOG 130); or any university-level course with significant Canadian political, economic, legal, criminological or governmental content chosen in consultation with program advisors (e.g. POSC 110, CRIM 103)
  • 2 LIBT or UL electives:
    • These courses can either be a university level elective in your area of interest or choice or they can be filled with additional LIBT courses to complete or add to a concentration.
  • LIBIT Concentrations
    • LIBIT concentrations are designed to give graduates a fuller understanding of information work in an area of interest to them.
    • There are 3 concentrations in the LIBIT program each consisting of 2 additional courses.
      • Records Management: LIBT 250 and LIBT 270 (One course would fulfill the required LIBT elective and one course would fulfill one of the LIBT or UL elective course requirements.)
      • Systems Technology: CIS 190 and CIS 192 (The LIBT elective requirement would still need to be completed and these 2 courses would fulfill the LIBT or UL elective course requirements.)
      • Youth Services: LIBT 230 and LIBT 235 (One course would fulfill the required LIBT elective and one course would fulfill one of the LIBT or UL elective course requirements.)
    • Students may choose to graduate with the Diploma without a concentration or with as many concentrations as they wish to complete.
  • Students can also supplement their academic education with a Co-op Option that bridges practical experience with classroom learning. This option provides students with opportunities for networking and building work experience. Students must register with the UFV Career Centre if interested in completing a co-op option. Completing the co-op option is dependent upon available co-op opportunities.
  • Students with previous post-secondary education may be eligible for transfer credit.  Once transcripts have been received, they will be assessed.  Students will be notified if the Library and Information Technology Department has accepted transferred courses for credit within the Program.
  • The Library and Information Technology Instructional Assistant will work closely with you to develop an educational plan that best suits your needs and interests within the Program.


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