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Click here to run and install CAN8


How to Install CAN8

FOLLOW THESE STEPS - (depending on your version of Windows these steps may vary):

  • Click here to run and install CAN8 . Click on RUN, then click-on Install
  • Then copy the CAN8 file  on your desktop
  • When you double-click-on the icon; it looks like this
  • Make sure you have CAN8.UFV.CA as the server; remember that the user ID is your student number and PWORD is the password.    Do a recording exercise in CAN8.
  • Login the next day to see if it was kept or not; if it was not kept, you will have to configure or turn-off your firewall.

CAN8 Orientations
Use USB headset with CAN8

Remember: We do not guarantee that CAN8 will work on every PC; but, we will do our very best to help you.

You can always make use of UFV's computer labs if your computer at home does not work with CAN8.


System Requirements
The Windows CAN-8 product accesses material on the server via the IP protocol. This requires that the stations be capable of communicating with the server using the IP protocol.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 OS.

Using a generic soundboard:
Full duplex 16bit card, 44k input/output

CAT-5 or CAT-5E cabling for 100 Mbit/sec Ethernet interfaces 100 Mbit/sec Hub or Switch.

Network OS and file server:

Intel (or equivalent) based system running on Windows Windows 2000/2003/2208/vista. with at least 200 Gbyte hard disk
(Mirrored or better if possible) and 100 Mbits/sec Ethernet interface

In order to run in a satisfactory manner, a minimum required bandwidth must be available between the server and client. This is approximately 64 Kbits/sec per station.

Locations of Main Drop-in Labs (Can8 available)


  • G210 - Building D, second floor

  • G180 - Inside the Abbotsford Library

  • Inside the main UFV Abbotsford Library


  • CP1202


  • D226C



P: 604-557-4035
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