Electric Vehicle Parking

  • Electric vehicles with battery only which require an external power source for recharging. No fossil fuel is used with these vehicles.

  • Hybrid electric vehicles with battery and fossil fuel engine. Battery which requires an external power source for recharging.

  • The above two forms of Electric Vehicles are approved by UFV to park in designated EV Parking Stalls.

  • Electric vehicles may park in these stalls with a valid EV permit, student e-permit, an employee permit, or pay-by-space at any ticket meter.  Remember the stall number associated with the electric vehicle parking space.

  • Note: other forms of hybrid vehicles which rely on fossil fuel engines to recharge the battery are not approved for permit parking in designated UFV EV parking stalls.  These vehicles are not equipped with an external source for recharging.

Abbotsford Stall Locations

  • Bldg C - stalls 1400 & 1401

  • Lot 10 - stalls 934 & 935

  • Aerospace Lot 1 - 2 x stalls (unnumbered)

Canada Education Park Stall Locations

  • Lot 2 - stalls 008 & 009

  • Lot 4 - stalls 408 & 409

  • Lot 5 - stalls 512 & 513


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