Comparable Programs Analysis

There are several reasons for studying comparable programs from other institutions. The first is to ensure that existing demand for a program is not being adequately met within the region. UFV has limited resources, and a mandate to serve local students, so if they can get what they need elsewhere, UFV would not want to duplicate the program.

The second reason is to look at what other institutions are doing in their programs to ensure that the curriculum being proposed at UFV is taking advantage of best practices elsewhere. Your program should be innovative and forward-looking, but not too out-of-line with programs elsewhere, to ensure students have a recognizable credential and good employment prospects. Study the entrance requirements, curriculum requirements, and costs, to ensure UFV remains competitive and efficient. Also, for degree-level programs, consider which institutions would offer opportunity for further study, and make sure your program is aligned with their entrance requirements. You will need to consult with these programs to ensure students will be admissible.

Another reason to look closely at related programs is to consider possible partnerships. Are there programs that could be integrated in the UFV program and benefit students? For example, does a short program exist elsewhere that may want to send students to UFV for degree-completion? Are students from programs elsewhere natural candidates for a certificate? Partnerships can offer some great opportunities to our students, and a compelling reason to rank one proposal higher than another. Universities abroad may be possible partners for student exchanges, joint programs, or study-abroad possibilities. All related programs in BC must be listed in an appendix to your proposal, and you must explain why the proposed program does not duplicate them. Please see a sample of comparable program research conducted by a program working group below:

Sample Program Comparison Analysis

Sample Program Structure Comparison

See comparable programs approved and currently under review in British Columbia on the Ministry of Advanced Education website: 


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