Employment Demand

What are the employment markets, wages, and opportunities like for prospective students? It is very useful to consult with employers, either by reading studies of industry sectors, or consulting with them directly, to be sure that students will be employable. You will need to demonstrate that you have done this in your proposal, and that your conclusions are reflected in your learning outcomes and the level and type of credential you are proposing. That said, it may be difficult to find labour fource data on new or emerging occupations. Occupational categories may not yet have been established for really new occupations, and all labour force data is by definition backward-looking. In this case, industry reports and evidence gathered from employers is particularly important. Use the resources below to collect employment and labour force data for established occupations.

Other potentially useful sources of information are accreditation bodies, government reports, industry reports, sector studies (ESDC Employment and Social Devleopment Canada, BC's Skills for Jobs Blueprint), the media, and the websites created for other similar programs at other institutions. Use the resources below to begin exploring employment and labour force data for your program.


Student Internship Opportunities:


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