Learning Outcomes

When writing the program learning outcomes, consider what UFV wants to see (refer back to UFV Strategic Goals & Learning Outcomes on this website), what employers would want to see in graduates, and what the student needs. Writing the learning outcomes can be a very useful place for development groups to begin the process of selecting courses and identifying curriculum. Every course should meet one or more learning outcomes, so devising the outcomes at the beginning of the process helps the group to understand what the core curriculum should look like. A question that is very helpful for a group to start with is “What should a graduate be able to do?” And “What qualities should an ideal graduate possess?”  Use the resources below to assist you in developing learning outcomes for your program.

(University of Guelph) Preparing Effective Learning Outcomes

(BCIT) Writing Learning Outcomes

UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes

When you write your proposal, you will be asked to explain two sets of linkages: a) between the Institutional Learning Outcomes and your program's; and b) between your program's learning outcomes and the curriculum. Here are examples of how departments have presented these linkages:

UFV Teacher Education Program - Examining ILOs Through Four Lenses
UFV Theatre - ILOs Alignment
UFV Adult Education - ILOs Framework
UFV Agriculture Technology Diploma - ILOs Aligments



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