UFV has a few features in its Physics department that make it world-renowned.



Small Class Sizes

 Small Class sizes are only one of the benefits of taking Physics at UFV:
  • In first year physics courses classes are restricted to 35 students.
  • In second year and upper division classes sizes are 24 or smaller.
  • Instructors dedicated to teaching and to research.
  • A curriculum that integrates the classroom theory with experiments performed in the laboratory.
  • A four year curriculum which includes 2 nonlinear physics courses.
 NonLinear Physics

The use of computers has allowed to students explore nonlinear physics, one of the most dynamic, subtle, complex, and still rapidly evolving areas of modern physics research. In recognition of the importance and emergence of nonlinear physics, the UFV Physics Department provides two nonlinear physics courses, Physics 484 and Physics 485, for its students. This might be the largest number of undergraduate nonlinear physics courses provided by any university.

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