Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available to me?
What do I need to get in?
What type of courses will I take?
What are the requirements for the Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy minor?
I'm interested. What should I do next?
When should I apply? 
How much will it cost? Can I afford to take this program? 
What kind of support will I have? 
I'm not sure that this program is for me. Can I speak with someone about my options?

What options are available to me?

UFV offers a major, minor and extended minor in Political Science within the Bachelor of Arts Program. For more information on entrance and program requirements, view the UFV Academic Calendar.

Extended Studies certificate

The extended studies certificate is designed for students who have baccalaureate degrees who wish to complete the equivalent of a minor in applied ethics and political philosophy. For details about entrance requirements and program requirements, contact the Philosophy and Politics department at 604-557-4035, or email 

Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy Minor
UFV also offers a minor in Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy as part of the Bachelor of Arts program or enroll in a few courses for personal interest.  If you are in the Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy program you will develop capacities for creative and critical thinking. You will also acquire an understanding of the social and political institutions that govern our communities, our country, and the world. Our lessons will increase your sensitivity to the ethical and political dimensions of our lives as individuals, as members of families, communities, interest groups, professions and nations, and as citizens of the world. The applied ethical and political philosophy minor continues the long-standing traditions of philosophy and political studies by developing your ability to think critically and imaginatively in your role as a responsible person.  Completion of the minor would indicate that you have developed skills, knowledge, values, and sensitivities that will complement most career paths, including advanced studies in applied ethics, where career opportunities are expanding.


What do I need to get in?

UFV offers two options for admission. If you are applying straight from high school, follow option one. If you have attended some post-secondary school, follow option two.

Option one: Students with high school graduation only
You will need B.C. Secondary school graduation or equivalent and a minimum of a B in English 12, and a
minimum of a B average on two other provincially examined grade 12 subjects.

Option two: University entrance
You will need a minimum of nine university-level credits complete with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on all university-level credits attempted.


What type of courses will I take?

  • POSC 100 Introduction to Political Science
  • POSC 110 Canadian Politics
  • POSC 120 Ideology and Politics
  • POSC 200 Introduction to Political Analysis
  • POSC 210 Canadian Constitutional Politics
  • POSC 230 Comparative Politics
  • POSC 260 International Relations  
  • POSC 270 Introduction to Political Theory
  • POSC 310 Canadian Federalism
  • POSC 311 History of Political Thought I
  • POSC 312 History of Political Thought II
  • POSC 320 Canadian Political Thought
  • POSC 322 Introduction to American Politics
  • POSC 330 Human Rights: Theory and History
  • POSC 331 Western Peace Traditions
  • POSC 332 The Politics of Multiculturalism 
  • POSC 335 Civil Liberties and the Charter in Canada
  • POSC 350 Sex, Gender, and Women in Political Thought
  • POSC 360 International Organizations  
  • POSC 410 Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
  • POSC 480 Selected Topics in Political Theory
  • POSC 481 Selected Topics in Comparative Politics
  • POSC 482 Selected Topics in Canadian Politics
  • POSC 483 Selected Topics in International Relations
  • POSC 490 Directed Studies in Political Thought
  • POSC 491 Directed Studies in Politics

For a detailed description of these courses and other courses offered in Political Science, check out the course desciption page on our online Academic Calendar.


What are the requirements for the Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy minor?

Lower-level requirements: 15 credits

  • One of PHIL 110, 210, 230, POSC 120, 270
  • One of POSC 110, 230, 260
  • One of PHIL 120, 220, 250, 251, 252
  • One of ANTH 112, BUS 261, CRIM 109, CRIM 135, HSER 261, MACS 240, POSC 110, POSC 230, POSC 260, POSC 360, SOWK 210 (or an upper-level course which, at the discretion of the program head, has significant empirical political content.)
  • One additional lower-level course in PHIL or POSC

Note: A single course cannot be used to satisfy more than one criterion.

Upper-level requirements: 15 credits

  • Two POSC courses, including at least one of POSC 311 or 312
  • Two of PHIL 305, 310, 315
  • One additional PHIL or POSC


I'm interested. What should I do next?

Check out our online Academic Calendar and read the Political Science section carefully. From this page you can you can go to the download centre and download the application form. Fill it out and submit it, along with the required documents and the $45 application fee, to the Admissions and Records office at any UFV campus or centre or through the internet at


When should I apply?

If you plan to start your studies in the fall, your application should be received by January 31. Applications received after this deadline will be considered if space is still available in the program.

How much will it cost? Can I afford to take this program?

It’s best to consult the UFV calendar for tuition fees, keeping in mind that new fees are usually set in May. Keep in mind that books and other fees will cost about $100 per course.  You should also visit the UFV Financial Aid and Awards office, which facilitates the disbursement each year of about $12 million in federal and provincial student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, and awards to UFV students. A helpful budget planning worksheet is available at

What kind of support will I have?

Plenty. Visit to learn about the broad range of services designed to help you learn about and adjust to the university environment.


I'm not sure that this program is for me. Can I speak with someone about my options?

Absolutely - we want to hear from you! If you're unsure of your direction, contact Student Services at 1-888-504-7441 to arrange a tour, attend a Becoming a Student info session, connect with an educational advisor, or arrange career counselling. You can also contact the Philosophy & Politics Department at 604-557-4035, or email to speak to a program advisor.

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