This section specifies the major discipline requirements only. Information on additional Bachelor of Arts requirements can be obtained from the current UFV Calendar.

Lower-level requirements: 19 credits
  • Psychology 101
  • Psychology 102
  • Psychology 110*
  • Psychology 202**
  • Two of Psychology 221, 241, 250, 280***


Note *: MATH 104 or MATH 106 may be substituted for PSYC 110.
Note **: This requirement may be met by PSYC 210 if previously completed.
Note ***:  This requirement may be met by PSYC 220 if previously completed.
Upper-level requirements: 30 credits
Thirty credits of 300- and 400-level psychology, including:
  • Psychology 408 or 308 (previously offered).
  • No more than eight credits may be in directed studies.

Note: Students transferring to UFV with psychology credits from other institutions should also seek advice from the Arts advisor or the Psychology department head in order to determine how their previous work can be used toward fulfilling the current requirements.

 Note on Prerequisites: Unless otherwise stated, the minimum grade accepted in all course prerequisites  is C-.

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