UFV Faculty MicroLecture

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Want to find out what UFV faculty are up to in their research? Learn about more than a dozen topics in under an hour? Pick up some interesting tidbits from some of UFV’s best minds?

Each year the Research Office invites 20 or more faculty researchers to be a part of the continued success of the UFV MicroLecture series. Presenters each take the stage for a maximum of two minutes and speak about the exciting findings and implications of their research. 

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Below is a list of the time that each presenter appears on the video.

Opening comments by Adrienne Chan, AVP, Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies

2:25 Cherie Enns, Geography
Urban Policy and Food Systems in Nairobi

4:18 Satwinder Bains, Indo-Canadian Studies
A Space for Female Agency: Giddha Dancers in the Diaspora

6:55 Emilio Landolfi, Kinesiology & Physical Education
An Investigation of a Mandatory Daily Physical Activity Program  for Grade 10 to 12 Students in the Fraser Valley

9:26 Michelle Riedlinger, Communications
Why Engage? A Framing Approach to the Knowledge Mobilisation Efforts of Researchers

11:53 Ian Rocksborough-Smith, History
Black Public History and Civil Rights in Cold War Chicago

14:14 Cory Beshara, Chemistry
Molecular Recognition

16:28 Yvon Dandurand, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Preventing Violence Against Children

18:33 David Harper, Kinesiology & Physical Education
Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

20:47 Robert Harding, Social Work & Human Services
Canadian News Discourse about Poverty: Who gets a Speaking Part in the Conversation?

22:48 Geof Spurling, History
Land Struggles in the Colonial Andes

25:12 Ding Lu, Economics
Measuring Productivity with Environmental Effects

27:52 Garry Fehr, Geography and the Environment
Developing sustainable food systems in Chandigarh, Nairobi, and the Fraser Valley

30:09 Jason Thomas, Chemistry
DNAzymes: catalysts made out of DNA

31:46 Leonne Beebe, Upgrading and University Preparation
Researching Your Practice: The Benefits of Using Guided Reflective Writing with Upgrading Students

34:22 Edward Akuffo, Political Science
Africa’s Geopolitical Space and Canada’s Multilateral Security Strategy from Chrétien to Harper

36:55 Scott Sheffield, History
Indigenous Veterans of the Second World War and Veterans Benefits: Comparing Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States

39:28 Prabhjot Parmar, English
Recovering Memory and Memorialization: India and the Great War

41:50 Closing comments by Adrienne Chan, AVP, Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies

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2013 Faculty MicroLecture Video

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