Media and Communications Studies

‌There is no doubt that today’s social media, whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, text messaging or the internet in general, are changing how people connect with and relate to each other. What precisely are these changes? And how are existing media like newspapers adjusting to them?

As the manner in which the world gets its information is evolving, it becomes more important than ever to pay attention to how the media affect society. UFV’s Media and Communication Studies program examines the diffusion of information, current technological changes, the methods we use to communicate, and the media’s role in our everyday lives.

As a MACS student, you will learn about the many types of media, and how quickly they are all changing. You will discuss how the different types of media serve the public and how they continue to evolve. You will discuss how advertising and other commercial messages affect you, how Canadians fit into the global village, and what literacy in this new environment means. In short, you will learn how your life and society continue to change in response to innovations in technology and communications.


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Special Topics Courses in Media and Communications

Upcoming Courses

Media & Communication Studies - Fall 2016

MACS 110 Intro Communication Theory
MACS 130 Mass Communication in Canada
MACS/CMNS 212 Intro Media & Public Relations
MACS 221 Media & Popular Culture
MACS 240 Media, money & Power
MACS/ANTH/SOC 255 Intro to Social Research
MACS/SOC 334 Cultural Policy
MACS/ANTH/SOC 355 Quantitative Research Methods
MACS/JRNL 369 Media, Law & Ethics


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