People belong to many different social groups. Sociology looks at how our participation influences the ways that we understand and confront the challenges of everyday life-- how we communicate, learn, grow up, love, work and age, in families and cities, among friends and strangers.

Sociology, together with the other social sciences, tries to look clearly and critically at the social problems we struggle to solve: inequality, sexism, racism, violence, environmental damage, etc. The sociological imagination strives to create an understanding more objective than the rationalizations and justifications to which we so frequently resort. If you want to work with people - if you want to teach or manage or facilitate - then you will be interested in  sociology and its many ways of examining the human condition.

What’s new in Sociology?

Katherine Watson is currently working with the Community Leadership team for Abbotsford's 2013 VitaSigns Report. For detailed information please visit:

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Upcoming Courses

SOC 101 AB1 Introductory Sociology
  AB2 Introductory Sociology
  AB3 Introductory Sociology
  AB4 Introductory Sociology
  AB5 Introductory Sociology
  AB6 Introductory Sociology
  AB7 Introductory Sociology
  AB8 Introductory Sociology
  AB9 Introductory Sociology
  ABA Introductory Sociology
  CH1 Introductory Sociology
SOC 201 AB1 Key Ideas in Sociology
SOC 215 AB1 Socialization
SOC 245 AB1 Deviant Behaviour
SOC 250 AB1 Sociology of Development -- The Global South
SOC 255 AB1 Introduction to Social Research
SOC 265 ON1 Social Inequality
SOC 289 AB1 Sociology of Animals in Western Society
SOC 337 AB1 Taste and Culture
SOC 346 AB1 Environmental Justice
SOC 352 AB1 Public Policy Analysis
SOC 355 AB1 Quantitative Research Methods
SOC 363 AB1 Processes of Development and Underdevelopment: Latin America
SOC 399K ON1 Work and Occupations
SOC 435 AB1 Sociology of Sexuality
SOC 468 AB1 Environment and Society
SOC 470F AB1 Race and Racism: Selected Topics: Indigenous and Migrant Subordination in Canada
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