Course Offerings

Below are the courses scheduled for the Winter 2017 semester. Official timetable information may be found on the Office of the Registrar website, when it becomes available. Please note courses offerings are tentative and may change.

If you have any questions regarding future course offerings, please contact Charline Johnsen.

Anthropology - Winter 2017

ANTH 102 Intro to Social & Cultural Anth
ANTH 130 Anthropology of World Religions
ANTH 211 BC Aboriginal Peolpes: Contemporary Issues
ANTH/GDS 220 Culture Change
ANTH/SOC/MACS 255 Introduction to Social Research
ANTH/SOC 260 Food, Culture & Society
ANTH /SOC/MACS 356 Qualitative Research Methods
ANTH 368 Environment & Society
ANTH/MACS 375 Indian Mediascapes



Global Development Studies - Winter 2017

GDS/ANTH 220 Culture Change



Latin American Studies - Winter 2017

LAS 162 Soccer & Song in Latin America
LAS 358 African Slavery in Americas
LAS 460 State Terror, Human Rights in Latin America



Media & Communication Studies - Winter 2017

MACS 110 Intro Communication Theory
MACS 130 Mass Communication in Canada
MACS 201 Music & Society
MACS 235 Intro to Journalism in Canada
MACS/ANTH/SOC 255 Intro to Social Research
MACS 299D Zombies on the Brain: Pop Culture
MACS 299E Media Images & the Body
MACS/ANTH/SOC 356 Qualitative Research Methods
MACS/ANTH 375 Indian Mediascapes
MACS/SOC 385 TV & Social Values: The Simpsons
MACS/SOC 460 Issues in Info Society


Sociology Winter 2017

SOC 101 Intro Sociology
SOC 201 Key Ideas in Sociology
SOC 245 Deviant Behaviour
SOC/ANTH/MACS 255 Intro to Social Research
SOC/ANTH 260 Food, Culture & Society
SOC 275 Sociology of Death & Dying
SOC/MACS 299M Media Images & the Body
SOC 299N Body Modifications & Culture
SOC/GEOG 313 Agriculture & Rural Life
SOC 331 Sociology of Families
SOC 333 Schooling & Society
SOC 335 Gender Relations & Social Issues
SOC 350 Classical Sociological Thought
SOC/ANTH/MACS 356 Quantitative Research Methods
SOC/ANTH 368 Environment & Society
SOC/MACS 385 TV & Social Values: The Simpsons
SOC 431G Family & Work: new Millennium
SOC 435 Sociology of Sexuality
SOC/MACS 460 Issues in Info Society


Women's Studies Winter 2017

WMST 101 Intro to Women's Studies I


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