Course Offerings

Below are the courses scheduled for the Fall 2016 semester. Official timetable information may be found on the Office of the Registrar website, when it becomes available. Please note courses offerings are tentative and may change.

If you have any questions regarding future course offerings, please contact Charline Johnsen.

Anthropology - Fall 2016

ANTH 102 Intro to Social & Cultural Anth
ANTH 111 First Nations of BC--Traditional Cultures
ANTH 130 Anthropology of World Religions
ANTH/LING 209 Language & Culture
ANTH 210 Gender & Sexuality Across Cultures
ANTH/SOC/MACS 255 Intro to Social Research
ANTH 268 Culture & Environment
ANTH 301 Theoretical Currents in Contemp Anth
ANTH/SOC/MACS 355 Quanitative Research Methods
ANTH/SOC/LAS/GDS 363 Dev & Underdev: Latin America
ANTH/LAS/SOC 388 Minority Indigenous Peoples of World



Global Development Studies - Fall 2016

GDS 100 A World of Development
GDS/SOC 250 Sociology of Dev: Global South
GDS/ANTH/LAS/SOC 363 Dev & Underdev: Latin America



Latin American Studies - Fall 2016

LAS/HIST 161 Aztecs, Mayas, and Spaniards
LAS/HIST 358 African Slavery in the Americas
LAS/ANTH/SOC/GDS 363 Dev & Underdev: Latin America
LAS/ANTH/SOC 388 Minority Indigenous Peoples of World
LAS/HIST 458 Indigenous Peoples of Latin America



Media & Communication Studies - Fall 2016

MACS 110 Intro Communication Theory
MACS 130 Mass Communication in Canada
MACS/CMNS 212 Intro Media & Public Relations
MACS 221 Media & Popular Culture
MACS 240 Media, money & Power
MACS/ANTH/SOC 255 Intro to Social Research
MACS/SOC 334 Cultural Policy
MACS/ANTH/SOC 355 Quantitative Research Methods
MACS/JRNL 369 Media, Law & Ethics


Sociology Fall 2016

SOC 101 Intro Sociology
SOC 201 Key Ideas in Sociology
SOC 210 Social Problems of Canadian Society
SOC 245 Deviant Behaviour
SOC/GDS 250 Sociology of Dev - The Global South
SOC/ANTH/MACS 255 Intro to Social Research
SOC 265 Social Inequality
SOC 280 Health & Illness
SOC 299C Aging & Culture
SOC 299O Sociology of Law
SOC 299P Alcohol & Culture
SOC 331 Sociology of Families
SOC/MACS 334 Cultural Policy
SOC 348 Social Movements
SOC 353 Program Evaluation
SOC/ANTH/MACS 355 Quantitative Research Methods
SOC/ANTH/LAS/GDS 363 Dev & Underdev: Latin America
SOC/ANTH 368 Environment & Society
SOC/ANTH/LAS 388 Minority Indigenous People of World
SOC 445 Advanced Topics Deviant Behaviour
SOC 450H Health, Wealth, & Reason


Women's Studies Fall 2016

WMST 101 Intro to Women's Studies I


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