Policy Development

A policy is a guide that establishes the parameters for decision making and action.

The authority for making policies comes from the University Act and is vested in the Board of Governors and the Senate.  These bodies set policies for their own governance, also called bylaws, as well as policies that guide the business at the University. The Act also requires that in the development of some educational policies the Senate must advise the Board, and the Board must seek advice from the Senate.

Development and Review of Policies

In general, the development or review of policies includes consultation with a wide range of bodies at the university. The intent is to offer an opportunity for anyone who may be affected by a policy to contribute to its development.  The steps to be followed may vary depending on the authority that is being sought.

The University Secretariat:

  • maintains the policies,
  • tries to shepherd policies through the various processes,
  • offers advice on the format and language of a policy, and
  • ensures a regular review of the policies.

Please contact the Secretariat if there are concerns about a particular policy or more information is needed.

Resources for the development of policies:

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